Hurricane Names and Meanings

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I decided to look up the names of the hurricanes/tropical storms that have already impacted the US, along with a couple of storms that are still out in the distance, but could be heading this direction.  What I found is quite interesting.

Olivia — olive branch

Gordon — spacious fort

Florence — blossoming, to flower

Joyce — Lord

Helene – light, torch, bright

Isaac — he laughs

I’m not sure if the meanings behind them are significant, but IF they are, is this the meaning?  

As a nation, we think we are at peace, living spaciously with our blossoming economy, but the Lord is lighting the torch on our nation and He laughs.
Disclaimer:  I am NOT saying, “Thus saith the Lord.” 
I’m only pondering the meanings of the names of these storms
and wondering if there is significance to it.

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