Listen Up!

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Listen Up!

I have a job requiring me to work every other weekend, so I am only able to attend Sunday services twice a month. After missing a Sunday, I am always excited about going to church. I want to catch up with my church family, seeing how things are going for them. I always look forward to the corporate worship times, followed by the preaching of the Word. However, I noticed something in Ecclesiastes 5:1-3 that made me stop and think. It tells us to walk prudently (showing thought or care to the future) when we go to the Lord’s house. Hmm…do I do that? Honestly, I think I approach the house of God with excitement and anticipation.

This aroused my curiosity. Why have that attitude when attending church? The explanation is found in the next couple of verses. First, we are to come near to hear, rather than offering the sacrifice of fools. In other words, we shouldn’t speak hastily. Perhaps you are approached and asked to join a particular ministry. If you speak rashly, you may commit to doing something that is not the Lord’s will for you at that time. That leads you to ‘offer the sacrifice of a fool’ because you are outside of the Lord’s will.

We are to let our words be few because a fool’s voice is known by his many words. I remember a time when a certain lady spoke often of her dreams and visions. They were always the same dreams and visions. She held onto them, but never seemed to move beyond them. With all of her chatter on that topic, it was evident she was trying to impress her listeners. It was all about her and her visions. It was never about the Lord receiving any glory.

In Psalm 81, we discover the Lord has a deep desire for us to hear Him. You can hear the longing of His heart in verses 8 and 13. He wants us to open our mouths so He can fill them. He wants us to learn His ways and walk in them. He tries to get us to listen because if we would listen, then He would subdue our enemies and put His hand against our adversaries. However, when we refuse to listen and heed His voice, we risk being given over to our own stubborn heart, to walk in our ways. That is a dangerous thing because our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked. (Jeremiah 17:9)

How much better for us to have ears to hear our Lord!
© 2018, Stacy R. Miller


Listening for my Lover’s Voice

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Listening for my Lover’s Voice
Many times we don’t think of our relationship with the Lord as being romantic.  We save that term for our relationship with our spouse.  Yet, the Bible makes it clear that we are the Bride of Christ.  What bride is going to unite herself with a groom if she has no romantic feelings for him?

God makes it clear that He has some very strong feelings for us.  In Zeph. 3:17-18, it mentions how God takes great delight in us and He rejoices over us with singing.  In the original translation, it meant that He literally spins about with joy.  We have probably all heard a love struck girl exclaim, “Oh he makes my head spin!”  That is what I think of when I read this portion of scripture.  My Father is so love struck over me that His head spins!

Do you remember when you first fell in love with your husband?  Do you remember how he could walk into the room, and it was like the world just stopped revolving?  He could make your heart skip a beat.  You were so love struck that there was a sense of loving awe when your eyes beheld him.  There was a romantic reverence as he approached you.  Our God wants it to be this way with Him.  He desires for us to have a romantic reverence toward Him – to be so in love with Him that when our thoughts turn toward Him, our heart literally skips a beat because of the passion that is stirred up in us.

He has written a love letter us called the Bible.  He would dearly love it if we would take the time to write a love letter to Him.  Some people keep journals of their thoughts and of their conversations with the Lord.  It helps to stir up the passion for Him in their lives.

Think back to when you were dating.  You might be in the middle of a really bad day, and suddenly, your love calls you on the phone.  What happened?  Everything else fails in comparison to focusing on him, and knowing that he was thinking of you – in knowing that he took the time to call you because he cares for you and loves you deeply.  God desires to bless us with these kinds of moments.  In the mundane, He tries to “call” you.  Are you listening for your Lover’s still small voice?
© 2003, Stacy R Miller

How God Speaks

How God Speaks


One early morning, as I was on my way to work my shift in the emergency room, the Lord revealed something to me that really spoke to my heart.  I was just getting ready to turn into the hospital parking lot when I looked up toward the still-darkened sky on my left.  The moon was peaking through some clouds.  Though it wasn’t a full moon, you could still see the light shining through those clouds.


In that familiar, still, quiet voice, the Lord said, “That is how I often speak to my children.  They see clouds all around them as they are going through difficulties.  Through those clouds, I will speak to them, shining my light into their hearts, giving them hope.”
He continued to reveal new images to me regarding how He speaks to His children.  There are times when we go outside on a hot, summer day, where the sun is so bright that it hurts our eyes.  This is similar to the times when we read the Word and a portion of scripture seems to pop off the page, and God reveals something new to use in a very powerful way. 


Needless to say, by the time I had parked the car and walked through the doors of the ER, I had a new spring in my step!

© 2012, Stacy R. Miller