A Beautiful Recipe

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A Beautiful Recipe
Recipes have several ingredients.  If you ate just one of the ingredients, such as unsweetened chocolate, it wouldn’t taste good.  In fact, it would be very bitter. However, after you mix it with the eggs, sugar, oil, flour, salt, and other necessary ingredients, it tastes delicious!  It’s the same in a spiritual sense with us.
Life’s trials can be very bitter experiences. No one likes to go through difficult times. Some will emerge from those troublesome times, like a dish that has been overbaked. Their countenance is hard and crusty. Their words often drip with bitterness.
Yet, there are others who come forth from those bitter trials with an entirely different result. I have had the personal experience of knowing some of these women.
One came through a nasty divorce where abuse and adultery were common. She even found herself and her two sons homeless during this arduous time. She emerged with such an elegant grace and heart of wisdom.
Another woman faced a similar situation, but also lost several loved ones in a very short period. She too has a heart of wisdom, but is also graced with a compassion unlike anything I have ever seen. Her trials have also made her a tremendous prayer warrior.
I watched as another dear sister battled cancer. An attitude of peace, trust, and a deep love of God exuded from her until she took her final breath and went into the presence of Jesus.
I am currently watching as another precious sister is dealing with being a caregiver for a husband with Parkinson’s disease. Just recently, she received the distressing news that her daughter is only expected to live for a few more months. Yet when you look at her countenance, she glows with the glory of the Lord. Such purity and joy radiates through her countenance, in spite of the difficulties.
What makes the difference for these women? Those experiences by themselves are horrendous.  However, when mixed with the love, grace, mercy, and wisdom of God, they make a beautiful recipe!
If you are struggling with the trials in your own life, turn them over to Jesus and watch Him make a beautiful recipe in your own life!
© 2018, Stacy R. Miller



The Adulteress

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The Adulteress

I love to read through Proverbs, but when I get to those chapters about the adulteress, and how to avoid her, I get a little bored.  After all, I am not ever going to visit an adulteress, nor do I have plans to ever be an adulteress! 🙂  So, how do I apply that portion of scripture to my life?

Proverbs 5:20 says Why be captivated by an adulteress?  Why waste time with a promiscuous stranger?

As I pondered on the above scriptures, it occurred to me that while we, as women, would never visit an adulteress, we can commit spiritual adultery.

There is so much in the world that tries to get our attention.  The new reality TV shows, secular books, the talk shows, soap operas, the malls, the idea of “keeping up with the Jones’s,” the Internet, and even adult toys and gadgets.  There is always something out there to tempt us to get our focus off of where we should be focusing.

I Jn. 2:15 says that we shouldn’t love the world or anything in the world.  If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  Wow!  That’s a tough one to think that if we love the world too much, God’s love isn’t even in us.  I’m not sure that I like that scripture!

It’s just too easy to get caught up in worldly things.  I remember right after becoming a mother, it was too easy to turn on Maury or Montel or Jenny Jones while I was sitting there nursing Rachel.  I missed adult conversation.  I had worked full time for many years, and suddenly, I was home with an infant who couldn’t converse with me beyond crying.  It was so easy to fall into the trap of letting the TV entertain.  Thank God, I quickly realized the effect those shows were having on me, and I switched to Christian TV, if any.  The atmosphere in the home was so different — so alive, instead of making me feel like I was drowning emotionally.

I’ve had a struggle with using the computer too.  We have only had it for about 6 or 7 months.  It’s so nice to be able to keep in touch with friends and relatives on a daily basis.  While that is good, it’s not so good when I begin, by my actions, to tell the Lord that I would rather be online than in His Word.

I even began going into Christian chatrooms, and found to my dismay, that many of them were “Christian” in name only.  There was still a lot of filth in there.  Sure, I could use the ignore button, but my eyes had already taken in what was said, and transferred it to my spirit.  I began to think of what Job said in chapter 31:1 about making a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully upon a woman.  I made a covenant with my eyes that I wouldn’t even visit the chatrooms because it was defiling my spirit.  Not only that, while I was in a chatroom, I wasn’t spending quality time with my daughter.  We had gotten away from playing games together.  Now that I am back on track, I really look forward to those times of the day when we can sit down and play games together.

Another area where we can struggle is in our choice of books to read.  There are many secular books out there that look interesting.  Some of them even relate to where many of us are right now — parenting.  But again, if you look at Ps. 1:1, it says that the man who doesn’t walk in the counsel (advice) of the ungodly is blessed.  Well, a secular book on parenting may have a few good ideas, but the fact remains that most of what is in the book is advice which is ungodly counsel.

Ps. 119:15-16 says that I meditate on your precepts, consider your ways, delight in your decrees, and won’t neglect your word.  NIV  How often do we neglect the Word, and if honest, we have to admit that we really had no good excuse for doing it?
119:18 “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”  NIV
When I open the Word, this is often a prayer which I pray for myself.  I want to see those hidden treasures in the Word because they are LIFE for me!
119:31  “I hold fast to your statutes, O Lord.”  NIV  How can we hold fast to His statutes if we don’t stay in the Word enough to even learn them?
119:58  “I have sought your face with all my heart.”  NIV  Hmmmm, have I really done that?
119:72  “The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”  NIV  By our actions, can anyone tell that this is how we really feel about the Word?
119:92  “If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.”  Verse 111 says that God’s statutes are the joy of my heart.  Do we really delight in the Word?  If we do, then it’s a joy to read the Word.
119:131  “I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands.”  NIV  When you haven’t spent your daily quiet time with God, is your relationship with Him so close that your spirit can actually pant for Him and His presence?
119:171  “May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees.”  NIV
119:172  “May my tongue sing of your word for all your commands are righteous.”

Father, may You show us wonderful, hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Your Word each time we read it.  Let those quiet times with You become such a joyous treasure that our spirits will pant to be in those intimate moments with You.  As we have many things which require our attention every day, help us to keep our focus and our minds on You, knowing that You will keep us in perfect peace as we fix our minds on You.  Amen.
© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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When my daughter started to cut teeth, I remember how she constantly wanted to chew on something.  Since I was nursing her at the time, I ended up being the one bitten on a couple of occasions!  Somehow, chewing on something comforted her and helped to ease her discomfort.

When we study the Word, God wants us to meditate on it. (Psalm 1:2; 119:97)  It could be likened to teething.  Just as Rachel wanted to constantly chew on something, so should I desire to constantly chew on God’s Word, digesting it.

Another thing I noticed when Rachel was teething is that she drooled a lot.  I was constantly changing her bibs because she kept soaking them.  Now that we have tasted and seen the Lord is good, we should drool for the Word. (Psalm 34:8)  We should crave the Word even more than we crave our favorite dessert. (I Peter 2:2-3)

If you no longer feel like you are ‘teething’ or ‘drooling’ for God’s Word, ask God to open your eyes to see wonderful things in His Word. (Psalm 119:18)  Ask Him to consume your soul with longing for His Word. (Psalm 119:20) Before you know it, you will be running in the paths of His commands. (Psalm 119:32) You will begin to delight in reading and meditating on His truths. (Psalm 119:24)

© 2006, Stacy R. Miller

Struck by Lightning

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Struck by Lightning

One day while it was storming, I was talking on the phone to my friend, Brandie.  Suddenly, I heard a loud, thunderous boom, seemingly right above our house.  Brandie heard me let out a yell – not of fear, but of pain.  I had been struck by lightning!

The jolt of the electricity caused me to quickly drop the phone to my side.  I could feel a tingling sensation down the left side of my face.  Shortly after, I had a ringing in my ear and a pounding headache that lasted for several hours.

Needless to say, it left quite an impression on me.  I now understand that when Grandma told me to stay off the phone during a storm, it was not just an old wive’s tale.  It was wise advice!

Too often, I think the church takes the attitude of, “Reading the Word is just an old wive’s tale.  I can do just fine without it.”  We continue doing things our own way, only to feel like we have suddenly been struck by lightning.  Because we failed to read the Word and seek God’s counsel, we find that we are jolted, much like when the lightning jolted me.  We are shaken to the core of our being.  We are left with the excruciating pain of reaping what we have sown.  How much better we would have been if only we would have taken time for God and His Word!

I have seen many farm houses that have a lightning rod to protect the house if lightning should strike.  As Christians, we have a rod to protect us.  God’s rod and His staff are there for us. (Psalm 23:4)  When we are faithful to be in His Word, He will use the rod and staff to guide us and correct us if we start to stray from His path.  He will use His Word to teach and rebuke us, to correct us, and to train us in righteousness. (II Timothy 3:16)

The result will be that when we face a crisis, it won’t jolt us like a bolt of lightning.  Instead, we will quickly look to our Shepherd, finding comfort and direction in the rod and staff.

© 2006, Stacy R. Miller

“Strip” Joint

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Strip Joint

I have met so many women who still feel tied to their past.  I can sympathize with them because I used to be the same way.  However, I have discovered freedom from those old patterns of thinking.

To find that freedom, I had to turn my heart into a “strip joint.”  I have developed an acrostic to help us remember the steps to stripping our minds of those old, useless thoughts.

S=Stop believing you are that old person. (Romans 6:6-7)
T=Tell yourself that you are a new creation. (II Corinthians 5:17)
R=Rip off old garments and refuse to listen to Satan’s lies. (Ephesians 4:22; John 8:44;
Colossians 3:8-10)
I=Invest in your spiritual life.  Many people will spend a fortune to invest in the latest   diet fads or fitness program, yet they won’t spend any money on something to nourish their soul. (Psalm 1:2; 119:15,78,97)
P=Prayerfully seek friendships that will encourage you to grow in your walk. (Proverbs 27:17)

Do you need to turn your heart into a “strip joint”?
© 2006, Stacy R. Miller

Birthing of Gifts

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Birthing of Gifts

Now, let’s move on to the birthing process in a marriage.  Just as husband and wife have a union where they give birth to a child, God will birth things within us.  He conceives the gift within you.  Sometimes He may show you the birthing process by giving you dreams about this gifting.  Sometimes He may just put a passion in your heart for a particular area.  Eventually, you “bear” the gift, yet you are totally aware that it is only because Father planted the seed of that gift within you.  The gift is the “baby” which you’ve made, with the help of the Lord.
I can remember a good example of God using dreams to show me what He was going to do in my life.  I kept having dreams of singing before people.  I just laughed it off, thinking it was a high and lofty idea.  Several months later, I went Christmas caroling at the nursing homes.  I loved being around those elderly people.  Within a short period of time, I joined the nursing home ministry.  The first Sunday there, I couldn’t believe what happened.  They handed me a microphone, and said, “SING!”  I think I actually heard God laughing that day!  As I was faithful in helping in that ministry, God developed a confidence in me, and eventually, I found myself singing in front of the whole church.  I still remember the very first time – I was positive that I was going to vomit! Thankfully, it didn’t happen!

In Deut. 22:13-21 it talks about the blood covenant that comes with getting married.  When the marriage was consummated, blood would be shed by the woman, if she was still a virgin.  There is a blood covenant in being the Bride of Christ also, only this time, it was the Groom who shed His blood, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.  May we never take for granted the awesome sacrifice that our Groom paid for our redemption.

I hope that through these illustrations I’ve been able to give a different, though fresh look at what being the Bride of Christ is.  I hope that it’s whetted your appetite to find those intimate times of refreshing with our wonderful Savior.
© 2003, Stacy R Miller

Whispers of Love

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Whispers of Love

Do you ever do nice things for your husband, expecting absolutely nothing in return?  Our church had a carnival, raising money for a missions project.  While I didn’t have items to donate for the garage sale, I did bake some banana bread to be used in the bake sale, and we bought many tickets to spend at the carnival.  There was a booth of ladies, making fresh flowers in some pretty little cups, pots, etc.  It only took two tickets, which amounted to fifty cents, to purchase some of these fresh flowers.  Rachel and I came home with three little assortments of fresh flowers.  That is something which I never purchase because money is tight, and could better be spent on other things.  You see, I gave only a small amount to the bake sale, but came home with lots of fresh flowers that were absolutely beautiful!  In my opinion, I got the better end of the deal.  The point is that we can do things for God, expecting nothing in return, but we will quickly see that He will outdo us because you just can’t outgive God.

Do you remember those times when you were dating, and you would try to steal away, just long enough to call your love and tell him that you love him?  God wants us to do just that.  One day I was praising Him, and someone walked into the room.  I got up long enough to go to the bedroom and lavish some love on my Lord.  I could have continued to do it with others around, but I wanted that intimacy with my Lord, and I didn’t want to share it with anyone.  It’s similar to those times of intimacy with your spouse.  Things happen that the two of you may find quite funny or intimate, but they are things which remain just between the two of you and no one else.  We can have that kind of intimacy with our Lord – where we steal away to whisper loving, intimate things to Him which no one else is privileged to share.

Recently while at church, there was such an awesome presence of the Holy Spirit.  The only way I can describe it to you is to say that it was like I was enveloped by His presence, feeling His kisses caress every inch of my soul.  It was an awesomely intimate, spiritual experience.  Words can’t even begin to tell you how truly beautiful it was.  Since that time, when I think about the Lord, I actually get those fluttering feelings in my stomach, just like we all did when we first fell in love.  I never knew that I could have this kind of relationship with the Lord, and I wish that mere words could explain the awesomeness of this intimacy, but it just can’t.  Just like you can’t explain the depth of your love for your spouse to someone else, it’s something that is so intimate between the two of you.
© 2003, Stacy R Miller

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