Times Square Church

I have posted many videos from Times Square Church because I thought they were good, as well as biblically-sound.  However, I came across a video that I found quite disturbing.  It is worth the time to watch so that you are informed.  It’s 46 minutes long, but you will be able to scroll through some sections once he makes his main point.

As the Word says, bad company corrupts good character.  The man who did this video shows Carter Conlon (head pastor of Times Square Church), hanging out with some very questionable people.  He even went on a “Christian” TV show, promoting his latest book — making merchandise of the Word of God.

Watch and discern for yourself.


Finding Purpose in Your Storm


When Favor Asks for Faith

This message is excellent!


Is This Your First Year or Your Last?

This message is one we all need to hear so we can reflect on our own lives to see if we need to make changes.  You won’t find many pastors who will preach a word like this one!

The Gospel According to Noah

This is an excellent message!

When the Lord Passes By

The Strength of a Father’s Heart

This is an excellent message for ALL, not just fathers.  He points out an admonition the Lord gives to all of us that is very applicable for these times, as well as what is coming.  It is a very encouraging admonition.

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