Counterfeit Christ and The Mark

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Timing of the Rapture

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I’m reading a book called Revelation Deciphered.  The author has a very common-sense approach to this controversial topic.  He makes it easy to understand and very logical as well.

The disciples asked Jesus what would be the signs of his coming.  He gave 6 things in Mt. 24 that will happen BEFORE He comes to get us (rapture):
1. deception v4-5
2. war/chaos v6-7
3. famine/economic collapse v7
4. abomination/death v9, 15-21
5. martyrdom/apostasy v9-12
6. celestial signs v29

He points out that what Jesus did NOT mention as signs of His coming and how that is important in helping us to understand the timing of events.  So Jesus answered EXACTLY what would happen BEFORE His coming.  What He did NOT mention was the trumpet and bowl judgments.  Why?  Because they happen AFTER He comes to get us.

Now before you say, “But in Matthew 24:30-31, it is referring to His second physical return to earth!”  Many people believe this because we have been taught this for years.  However, let’s compare those verses with His 2nd physical return in Rev. 19.

Mt. 24:30                                     Rev. 19:11-16, 19
1. Comes on the clouds            1. Rides a white horse
2. Blows a trumpet                    2. Has a sword coming from his                                                        mouth.
3. Comes with angels                3. Is followed by his saints on white
4. Comes to gather his elect.    4. Comes to destroy the AC.

As you can see from the above, these are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!  Scripture compared against scripture — it is VERY CLEAR that these are two different events.

For those of you who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, I understand how this is a hard teaching.  None of us want to believe that we are going to go through the tribulation (which ends at the end of Revelation 6, when the wrath of God begins).  I didn’t want to believe it either.  However, my motto has become, “I would rather be prepared for the tribulation and surprised by the rapture, than to be prepared for the rapture and surprised by the tribulation.”

For those of you who already believe in a pre-wrath rapture, this book makes the whole topic easy to understand, and gives us a better way to show/explain it to others.  For those who are just now hearing about this topic, I encourage you to read through other things I’ve posted in the End Times section.

Misleading the Masses: Revelation 12 Sign

This is a fabulous article on the Revelation 12 Sign and how it is not true.

Disclaimer:  I do not approve of everything they have on the Minute to Midnite show, but this article is well written and loaded with logical, scriptural thoughts on how this whole “Revelation 12 Sign” is a hoax.

Prayer for Law Enforcement, Firefighters and more

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This is my daily prayer for all law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency responders.  If you know anyone who works in these fields, would you please send this to them so they can actually see a prayer that is going out EVERY day for them?  They work such thankless jobs, and I know they would appreciate seeing that someone cares enough to lift them daily to the Lord.

Lord, I lift up all law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency responders, asking that whether they are working today or not, You will protect them at all times, in all ways, in all circumstances, and conditions. For those who will be working into tomorrow morning, I ask that you keep them safe throughout their entire shift. I ask that you grant them wisdom, insight, and discernment that goes far beyond what their natural minds can know.  If they are about to be ambushed, I ask that You put them on a heightened sense of alertness so they can take swift, decisive action to protect themselves and others.  Lord, I also ask that you will keep our LEO from shooting anyone w/o it being absolutely necessary.  And I also ask that you keep all of them from doing anything that would put them or their departments in a bad light.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Luke 22 and Peter’s denial

Pondering on Luke 22

I was pondering on Peter after something I heard Pastor Carter Conlon from Times Square Church say. He was speaking of Peter cutting off the ear of the soldier. He said, “I think he was going for the jugular, but the soldier ducked, so he got his ear instead.” It got me to thinking.

So was Peter really willing to fight to the death at this point? If so, was it because he thought Jesus would fight back too? After all, Jesus had just told them if they didn’t have a sword to sell their cloak and buy one!

But just a few hours later, he denied his Lord not once, but 3 times! 

Is it because things didn’t go according to Peter’s plan? Was it because he was disappointed in Jesus for not applauding him for taking his sword and using it on that soldier? After all, he could have been very confused and unsure of everything because now he is denying the One for whom he was willing to die just a few hours ago!

Hmm…oh the thoughts that can rise up when you take the time to really ponder what you read, instead of just skimming over it. Now when I read this portion of scripture, I doubt that I’ll ever just ‘skim’ over it again. I’ll see it completely differently.


My daughter had an interesting insight into this topic.  Here is what she had to say:

This made me think of what you previously said about Christians always crying wolf about the signs of end times and losing credibility.  They are trying to warn people so they can be saved by dying to their flesh (cutting the jugular), but instead, Christians are missing it and ‘cutting off their ears,’ causing them to not want to listen.

Blood Moons, Eclipse, & the Revelation 12 Sign

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So there has been a lot of discussion on the blood moons, the eclipse, and the supposed Revelation 12 sign that is coming in September. But I just noticed something while reading Luke 21.  Look at the order in which it happens:

11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven. 12 But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons. You will be brought before kings and rulers for My name’s sake.

So FIRST, they will lay hands on us, persecute us, and deliver us up.
Then there will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences.
Then there will be fearful sights and signs from heaven.

It has me wondering — all of these supposed signs in the sky that everyone is talking about — is this like the boy who cried wolf? And is the enemy using it to make Christians look like idiots so that when the real stuff begins to happen, we will have lost all credibility?

Wrestling Our Thoughts

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Wrestling Our Thoughts

I often find myself playing situations over and over in my mind.  I will either think, “I should have said….,” or “If it comes up again, I am going to say….”  It is a vicious cycle.  One in which I find myself at this very moment.  In fact, I commented to my husband that I sensed I was in a real battle with my thoughts.

We are told in Second Corinthians 10:5 to take our thoughts captive.  In verse four, it talks about the weapons we are to use.  The very mention of the word “weapon” suggests that we are to be actively engaged in warfare.  Taking control of our thoughts is not to be passive, but aggressive.

It reminds me of watching Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, when he was getting ready to wrestle a crocodile.  Steve was not passive in his efforts, but very aggressive in his pursuit.  It not only required physical strength and alertness for the task, but also diligence and wisdom.  Steven had to be diligent to hold onto the crocodile until it was subdued.

It is the same with us when our thoughts want to run amuck.  We need God’s insight to know which plan of attack to use.  We need to be diligent to stay alert to when our thoughts go wayward.  It is imperative for us to maintain our spiritual strength so we can endure the battle until we come out victorious.

Just as Steve Irwin wrestled numerous crocodiles unscathed, we can wrestle our thoughts and come out unharmed, for we are MORE than conquerors!  (Romans 8:37)
© 2007, Stacy R Miller

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