Are You Stable?

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Are You Stable?

I had a lively discussion with my cousin regarding the issue of biblical illiteracy among those who claim to be Christians. It is so prevalent these days, and honestly, it breaks my heart. Those who choose not to study the bible are missing some of the greatest treasures in life! After all, Psalm 138:2 tells us that God has magnified His Word above all.

Colossians 1:21-23 tells us what happens when we continue in our faith. “And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds, he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy and blameless and above reproach before him, if indeed you continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard.” (ESV, bolded text done by me)

One thing I have noticed throughout the years is that there are many things in the natural realm, which can be applied to our spiritual lives. This portion of scripture is a good example of that.

For example, when a person has high blood pressure, they take medication on a daily basis. By doing so, they stand a better chance of keeping their blood pressure at a stable level. In our spiritual lives, if we read, study, and meditate on the Word of God on a daily basis, our spiritual lives will be stable. God’s Word is like medicine to our soul. When we neglect that daily Word, we tend to follow our emotions instead of God’s truth. We become weak, and less able to stand against temptation’s snares.

If you have been neglecting the Word, I challenge you to pick up your sword and start reading it again. You will be amazed at what the Lord wants to reveal to you, how He wants to encourage you, and show you His immense love for you!

© 2018, Stacy R. Miller



Being Set Free

I have been listening to Scripture Memory Songs on You Tube recently, trying to get the Word hidden in my heart.  These catchy tunes and lyrics quickly started going through my mind, even when I wasn’t listening to them.  There is so much power in music!

However, I listened to one song that gave me pause for thought.  It stresses the point I have been making recently in regard to why it is imperative for us to be in the Word of God.  If we aren’t in the Word of God, we won’t catch deception because we won’t truly know what the Word says.

The song I was listening to was from John 8.  It focused on the idea that whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  Yes, that is true.  It is in John 8:36.   However, if you go back a few verses to verse 32, it says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  (Emphasis mine)  This is a key point!

For instance, when I got set free from chronic colitis, it was once I knew the truth, then I was able to act on that truth, and be set free.   Another time, I was healed of asthma.  It was only through getting a revelation of what God’s Word says, that I realized that I could truly be healed, and then I acted on that truth.  We must know the truth!!!  That is what causes faith to arise in our souls, helping us to believe for whatever miracle we need!

Yes, there are times when the Lord does set us free, as the song below states.  However, in my own experience, most of my freedom has come when I got a revelation of truth, revealed in His precious Word.

God is A God of Order

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God is a God of Order

We are told in 1 Corinthians 14:33 that God is a not the author of confusion. He is a God of order, and we can see this in His Word. For instance, in the days of creation, He didn’t start with day 5, then go to day 7, then day 1, etc. Genesis describes those days in the order they happened.

Another example of this is Isaiah 61:1-2 and Luke 4:18-19. Jesus didn’t quote all of Isaiah 61:1-2. The last line of verse 2 mentions the day of vengeance. Jesus only quoted the previous parts of those verses because that is what He was fulfilling in His first coming. That last part will happen when the Lord pours out His wrath on the earth, starting at the end of Revelation 6.  Again, you can see He is a God of order.

In Matthew 24, the disciples wanted to know the signs of the end times. Since God is a God of order, I fully believe Jesus answered their question in the order of how things will happen.

Verses 4-5: He warns of deception and admonishes us to take heed so that we aren’t deceived. He tells us many will come in His Name and deceive many. This means that many false teachers are going to enter churches and teach doctrines which are not sound. This is already happening in many mega churches. They are accepting a doctrine of unity with all faiths (including Muslims, Mormons, and Catholics), and saying we are all one. Many churches are ordaining homosexuals. This is clearly against scripture.

Verses 6-7: We are warned of wars and rumors of wars, but also famines, pestilences, and earthquakes.

Verse 9: Jesus tells us we will be delivered up and killed because of Him. Please notice that He does not say He comes back to deliver us before this happens. There is nothing to indicate a rapture happening before this occurs. (That comes later in this chapter, so hang on, we will get there.)

Verses 10-11: He speaks of betrayal which will happen, many false Christs will arise to deceive many. Lawlessness will abound, resulting in the love of many growing cold. Mark 13:12 warns us that brother will betray brother. I believe this warning can also refer to brethren in the church. Since there will be so many false teachers/false Christs arising, deceiving many, it only makes since that we will be betrayed by our own church family – the ones who have fallen for the deception. John 16:2 tells us there is coming a time when those who kill us will think they are offering a service to God.

Verse 13: We are told those who endure to the end will be saved. It is quite possible that the ‘end’ may be giving our lives. Now you may be thinking, “But we aren’t appointed unto wrath!” Yes, you are correct. As I stated above, the wrath of God is not poured out until Revelation 6:16-17. However, in verses 9-11 of that chapter, you can see where there are martyrs crying out to the Lord to avenge their blood.

Verse 15: Jesus mentions when we see the abomination of desolation. Why is He telling believers “when you see,” if we are not here? After all, the disciples were asking how they could tell when the end of things was coming? If believers were gone at this point, why would we need to know this bit of information?

Verse 21-22: Jesus warns that great tribulation is coming, and for the sake of His elect, He will shorten those days. Again, if the rapture had already taken place, why would the elect need those days shortened? We would already be gone. However, this is proof again, that the rapture has not taken place.

Verse 27: He tells us that His coming will be as lightning flashing across the sky. Everyone can see lightning. It brightens the sky. He is pointing out that all will see His coming. It is not a private rapture, where we just disappear, leaving everyone wondering what happened to us. Revelation 6:16-17 confirms that all eyes will see Him when He comes to rapture His church. The unbelievers will try to hide from His glorious presence and His wrath.

Verse 29: This verse gives critical information to help us know when to expect Jesus. It tells us immediately after the tribulation, the sun and moon won’t give off their light, and stars will fall from the sky. This event actually happens in Revelation 6:12-13.

Verses 30-31: Jesus will appear in the clouds and all tribes will see Him. With the great sound of a trumpet, He is going to gather His elect. Now you may be thinking this is His coming at the end of the seven years. However, if we compare this verse with what happens at His coming at the end of Revelation, we can see it is two different things:
Matthew 24:30:

He comes on the clouds, He blows a trumpet, He comes with angels, and He comes to gather His elect.

Revelation 19:11-16, 19:

He rides a white horse, He has a sword coming from His mouth, He is followed by His saints on white horses, and He comes to destroy the anti-Christ.

Scripture compared against scripture — it is VERY CLEAR that these are two different events.

I know this information may be entirely foreign to what you’ve been taught over the years. However, we are to be like the Bereans, searching out what the scriptures say, rather than just accepting what we are taught from the pulpit or books.

I will be honest, when my eyes were first opened to this concept, it was incredibly difficult for me. It happened around the time when ISIS was doing so much beheading. I began to have panic attacks and was so depressed. However, I prayed through it. It wasn’t easy. It took months for me to wrap my head around all of this. And I will still admit – I hope I am wrong! If ever I was wrong about something, I want it to be on this issue!! However, I don’t think I am.

So that being said, my thinking has become, “I would rather be prepared for the tribulation and surprised by the rapture than to be prepared for the rapture and surprised by the tribulation.”

This concept has become a passion of mine, and why so many of my devotions are devoted to motivating people to spend time in the Word of God. It is the ONLY way to get prepared spiritually for the days ahead of us. The church is not prepared for what is to come! I fear many will fall away when they realize they were taught a pre-trib rapture, and it doesn’t happen. It breaks my heart and has caused me to shed many tears over the last few years. It is out of love that I share this hard concept with you.

May the Lord open your eyes and help you to navigate in the days ahead.
© 2018, Stacy R. Miller


Approaching the Throne of a Laughing God

This is one of the best messages I’ve ever heard!  Get a box of tissues before listening because you may need them!

2 John

This is a EXCELLENT message for these times when so many churches are compromising and speaking of how we just need to love everyone.

Winnie the Pooh and False Doctrine

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My friend, Kathy, sent me this insightful information.

She was listening to the history of how Walt Disney put Winnie the Pooh together. Pooh was a popular story in England but not the US.  He introduced it with short, 30-minute features. After we got used to it, and fell in love with Pooh,  we were ready for a full feature film.  It was a smashing hit.

That got her to thinking… That was a very smart tactic and it worked. Give people small doses of something and it’s not a shock to the system.  The church had been giving its people small doses of false teaching for so long, it’s no wonder they can’t see error.  They enjoy the new full length feature now.  And looking at the mega churches, it’s a smashing hit.

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True Salvation

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Over the last four years, I have spent a lot more time in the Word, and I left other books alone.  When you choose to spend your time in the Word, letting the Holy Spirit be your teacher, it is amazing the things you can learn!  I began to see some things I had been taught in church, as well as through “Christian” books were in error.

One of the most common errors is the teaching of salvation being as easy as A-B-C:

  1. Admit you’re a sinner.
  2. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Confess your sins.

Ok, so number one is good.  To be saved, you do need to realize that you are a sinner in need of a savior.

Now I have a bit of a problem with number two because James 2:19 tells us that even the demons believe….and tremble.  So it takes more than just believing to be saved.

As far as confessing our sins, that is important because we are told in First John 1:9 that if we confess our sins, God will forgive us.

So what is my problem?  My problem is with a HUGE piece of the missing puzzle to being saved!  REPENTANCE!!!  Jesus came on the scene, and the first thing He told us about being saved is to repent!  So if that is the first thing He tells us, it means it is very important!

If we just do A/B/C as listed above, we could likely get up off our knees and go out and return to our sinful lifestyle, then come back and repeat A/B/C again next week.  However, Jesus told us to repent.  That means we are to do a 180 degree turnaround.  Our life is to drastically change — we are to change the direction we have been going and go in a new direction — one that doesn’t involve living a life of sin!

Let’s look at some verses where Jesus speaks of repentance:

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)

I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. (Luke 5:32)

Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. (Luke 13:3, 5)

Sadly, many churches are not teaching/preaching this truth, and those who are in churches where biblical truth is not being taught are going to be easily led astray.  They will be more apt to fall for a counterfeit gospel instead of the true gospel.

So I ask you — Is your church teaching this biblical concept of repentance?  If it isn’t, I challenge you to ask yourself if perhaps your church is a false church.  If so, it’s time to come out and be separate.


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