And God Said…..

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And God Said….
I think we can all relate to how some bible stories become so familiar to us that we find ourselves reading it, but we often fail to see new insights into it. When we do this, we can miss some priceless treasures from the Word.
I had one of these moments recently when I was reading through the creation story. One phrase stood out to me – “And God said…” I began to ponder on the days of creation and how they happened. Not once did God yell or scream for something to come forth in those days. He is so powerful and majestic that all He needed to do was whisper, and an entire universe was created!
As I was contemplating this, I began to think back to key moments in my life – like when I was facing a grueling trial, or dealing with the devastation of losing a baby through miscarriage, or when I was facing a crisis and needed clear wisdom and direction. In every single one of those trying times, the Lord spoke so clearly to me. And you know what? It wasn’t through yelling at me! It was through a whisper, but that whisper hit my spirit with a mighty blow. I knew without a doubt it was His whisper, and what a glorious sound it was! Those whispers from His voice were life-changing moments for me.
God’s gentle whispers – They have the power to create a universe and to change lives!
© 2017, Stacy R. Miller


Let Your Light Shine

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Let Your Light Shine

I recently had a conversation with a coworker where we were discussing how dark the times are these days. She made a comment which really resonated with me: “A light shines the brightest in the darkness.” What a powerful insight she had!

It reminded me of the annual Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. When every light in the sanctuary has been turned out, the pastor lights a single, tiny candle. In the darkness, every eye is drawn to that one minuscule light. We can be like that tiny candle – shining brightly where others will be drawn to us.

In telling us to be the light of the world, I believe Jesus wants us to behave in a way where others will see in us a genuine kindness and compassion, a deep purity, sincere love, and a joy which radiates through us, even in the worst of times. These are characteristics which aren’t commonplace in today’s society. As we draw nearer to the time of our Lord’s return, this world is going to get much darker. It is imperative for us to let our light shine brightly in the darkness so people will be drawn to the light of Christ in us.

© 2017, Stacy R. Miller