God’s Faithfulness

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God’s Faithfulness
As I headed out to work early one morning, I looked up to see an awesome display of stars filling the sky. There is something so majestic about a dark, starry sky.
Other times, I have seen stunningly beautiful sunrises on the way to work. In those times when I am able to view God’s exquisite handiwork, I can’t help but audibly exclaim, “Lord, it is beautiful!”
Seeing His glorious creation reminds me of His faithfulness; for even on those cloudy days, we know the sun is still there – we just can’t see it. And that sun never fails to rise or set.
We all have seasons of life where we struggle. It may be due to an arduous trial, or perhaps a struggle with our own faith. We even have times when we feel like our prayers fall on deaf ears because we aren’t hearing the voice of God or seeing any changes to our circumstances.
It’s in those times when I begin to reflect on the ‘constants’ of creation. When I remind myself of how that sun rises and sets every single day, I remember God’s faithfulness to His children. He is there. He remains faithful to us, even when we can’t see Him – much like we can’t see the sun on those cloudy days.
© 2017, Stacy R. Miller



Renewing My Spirit

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Renewing my Spirit
I remember a video of music I used to play for my daughter when she was a toddler. One of them had the song, “Oh Be Careful Little Eyes.” It was such a simple little song, but it had such powerful truth to it! And that truth isn’t just for young children; it is for all of us!

I know that if I find myself ‘vegging’ on Netflix, my spirit will dry out very quickly. If I’m watching the news for very long, I become anxious and stressed out. There are times when I notice the effects of it on my sleep because I start having nightmares.

I have also noticed that if I spend too much time on social media, I begin to feel irritated, angry, and emotionally drained.

I have learned through the years to be very cautious in what I allow my eyes to see and my ears to hear. The difference is amazing! When I take a more positive approach by spending free time reading the Word or listening to praise music while going about my daily tasks, I feel joy and peace, which energizes me.
© 2017, Stacy R. Miller

Our Daily Bread

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My friend, Kathy, had an insightful thought on Matthew 6:11.

Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.”

It’s saying more than “Give me my needs,” and we proceed with a Santa-sized list of stuff for God to provide. Now that in itself isn’t necessarily bad because we need to ask for our needs to be met, but I think this goes deeper.
We should be asking for more of Jesus who just happens to call himself the Bread of Life. If we ask for that what more is there?
Give us (provide for us) this day (right now) our daily (our portion) bread (of Jesus).


Purified by Leonard Ravenhill

This 7-minute clip is fabulous!

Transformed Thoughts

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Transformed Thoughts
Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us that God’s thoughts and ways are not our ways. I have found this scripture to be so true in my own life. If I neglect the Word and refuse to hide it in my heart, my attitude becomes very negative, and thus, my thoughts are not the true, honest, just, and pure thoughts mentioned in Philippians 4:8. And because my heart is negatively affected, what comes out of my mouth is often less than godly. (Luke 6:45)

However, when I take the time to be in the Lord’s presence, whether it be through praying or reading and meditating upon His Word, I find my thoughts are transformed into His thoughts.

I hate to admit this, but it’s the honest truth. I started cussing when I was in third grade, and I’m now in my fifties. Though I’ve been saved for over thirty years, cussing is a nasty habit that has remained a struggle for me. Yet I have noticed a huge change when I remain faithful in reading the Word – I am transformed from one who frequently cusses to one who sees things through the filter of the Word of God. It changes my entire outlook, my heart, and thus, my words. Things that used to set me off lose their power when I’m daily living in the power of His Spirit within me.

I have noticed that when I’m spending quality time in the Word, really digesting it, the nightly news doesn’t cause me to become depressed. Rather, I see it through the lens of scripture. I turn to the Lord and pray when I see something distressing, such as the cruel death of two teenagers in a county near me. When I see wickedness abounding, it saddens me, but at the same time, I know that this must happen before our Lord returns. Knowing that, I can rejoice that His coming is even nearer.
When we spend that quality and quantity time with the Lord, we will find it easier to hear His voice speaking to us in the midst of the busy daily grind, in the middle of our trials, and above the noise which tries to drown out the gentle sound of His voice.

Most everyone I speak with these days believes we are in the last days. If that is true, why would we not want to spend time with our gracious Lord, who alone can prepare us for what may come our way?
© 2017, Stacy R. Miller


So many churches do not preach a gospel of repentance these days.  Rather, they preach a social gospel that is weak and doesn’t meet the deep needs of our souls.  I found a series that is very refreshing because it DOES preach that old-time gospel of repentance.  Pastor Brian Hughes does an outstanding job of preaching this biblically based message.


A House Built on Sand

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A House Built on Sand
I was having a conversation with a friend of mine regarding why someone would want to build a house on sand. There are three common reasons. The first is that it can be cheaper, so it doesn’t end up costing you as much. Secondly, the comfort – for sand is softer than a building on a rock. Thirdly, sand is conforming.
We’ve had many discussions about how the church will become more worldly as we get nearer to the Lord’s return. As we pondered the house built on sand and how the apostasy is already taking place, we realized that a lot of people choose to build their spiritual house on the “sand” because it doesn’t cost them as much. Many don’t want a gospel that may require them to lay down their lives.
Many prefer the comfort of a social gospel, rather than the true gospel because it makes it more comfortable because you don’t have to take a strong, biblical stand on anything, and it doesn’t seem as offensive as unadulterated truth. It’s just built on love. Everything is about love. Leave truth at the door because it may invade your comfort zone.
Many people prefer their house of sand because that house will conform to THEIR body, rather than having to conform to the image of Christ. That house of sand puts their wants first, rather than requiring one to take up their cross daily and truly follow Jesus.
My friend pointed out that those who build a house on sand have some really nasty things to deal with. The winds come along, blowing the sand into the house, causing it to settle, and eventually causing it to crack. This analogy also fits a spiritual house built on sand. When the winds of life begin to fiercely blow, that house of sand will begin to crack because there is no firm foundation built upon Jesus Christ. A spiritual house of sand won’t help you in times of fierce trials and times of persecution. In fact, a house of sand can be a bit like quicksand – sucking you down into it until it sucks the spiritual life right out of you.
What kind of spiritual house are you building?
© 2017, Stacy R. Miller

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