Luke 22 and Peter’s denial

Pondering on Luke 22

I was pondering on Peter after something I heard Pastor Carter Conlon from Times Square Church say. He was speaking of Peter cutting off the ear of the soldier. He said, “I think he was going for the jugular, but the soldier ducked, so he got his ear instead.” It got me to thinking.

So was Peter really willing to fight to the death at this point? If so, was it because he thought Jesus would fight back too? After all, Jesus had just told them if they didn’t have a sword to sell their cloak and buy one!

But just a few hours later, he denied his Lord not once, but 3 times! 

Is it because things didn’t go according to Peter’s plan? Was it because he was disappointed in Jesus for not applauding him for taking his sword and using it on that soldier? After all, he could have been very confused and unsure of everything because now he is denying the One for whom he was willing to die just a few hours ago!

Hmm…oh the thoughts that can rise up when you take the time to really ponder what you read, instead of just skimming over it. Now when I read this portion of scripture, I doubt that I’ll ever just ‘skim’ over it again. I’ll see it completely differently.


My daughter had an interesting insight into this topic.  Here is what she had to say:

This made me think of what you previously said about Christians always crying wolf about the signs of end times and losing credibility.  They are trying to warn people so they can be saved by dying to their flesh (cutting the jugular), but instead, Christians are missing it and ‘cutting off their ears,’ causing them to not want to listen.


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