Names of Hurricane and Their Meanings

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I decided to look up the meanings of the hurricane names, especially once I saw three of them in the same region, with Jose right on the heels of the historic Irma.  Here’s what I found:

Harvey – battle worthy — We are worthy of the Lord coming against us in battle.
Katia – pure – God is pure in His judgments.
Irma – universal / complete – His judgments will be universal, affecting the entire earth.
Jose – God shall add – God will be adding to His judgments, meaning there is more to come.

  • My cousin had some interesting insights into the name Harvey:  It could be that our country is battle worthy, as in, we are making everything a battleground: gender, sexuality, race, neighborhoods, cities, politics, religion, economics, education, and the list goes on.

  • I have also been pondering on things that have transpired just since Hurricane Harvey.  At the same time it was reeking havoc on Houston, wildfires have been raging in the west.  Here’s an interesting map of how bad it is, but it’s not being covered much in the news.  Wildfire map

  • Then we have Katia down in the Gulf, with historic Hurricane Irma causing devastation, and Jose right on the heels of Irma.  And I woke up this morning to hear of the historic earthquake in Mexico.

  • Because these things have the potential to cause enormous fear in us, it is imperative that we keep ourselves rooted and grounded in God’s Word.  Don’t look to your pastor, your spouse, your friends, your chatroom, your forum, your music, or anything else in this world to help you through these tumultuous  times.  Look to Jesus!  He alone can help you through the storm.

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  1. Arlene Harper
    Sep 08, 2017 @ 12:26:01

    Thanks. Interesting times. Need to hold on to the promises of our Lord. Love you dear.

    Sent from my iPad



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