When the Lord Goes to Battle

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When the Lord Goes to Battle

Parenting is a very rewarding experience, but it can also be one of the most taxing, frustrating experiences for us as well.  On top of the many demands we face as mothers, there are times when we find ourselves facing situations that drain us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  There are bills to be paid, even when the budget is already tight.  We may have a tense relationship with someone that requires some attention.  Having major expenses come up from car repairs or faulty appliances can leave one feeling overwhelmed.  Dealing with a family member who is seriously ill can leave us emotionally exhausted.

When we think that we can go to church and find a refuge for a few short hours, we may find ourselves at odds with someone in the church.  Someone may make a biting or sarcastic remark to us, or maybe use body language that speaks volumes in a less-than-positive manner.  Unfortunately, most churches have at least one busybody.  It seems that when you need a refuge the most, here comes Miss Busy herself, thinking that she needs to help you to straighten your priorities.  With the multitude of things which we are facing outside of the church, these added situations can leave us feeling emotionally undone.

The words in Is. 59 may seem to fit us quite well at times like these.
Verse 9 – Justice may seem far from us.  We may feel that righteousness is a distant place, due to the low emotional frame of mind we have at that given moment.
Verse 10 – Like one who is blind, we grope to find our way.  Even at noontime, we stumble as if in the dark.  Among those who seem strong, we may feel like we are dead.
Verse 11 – We growl like bears and mournfully moan like doves.  We look for justice and deliverance but it appears to be so far away from us.  We may feel like God has forgotten us.

While we are feeling so alone and depressed by our circumstances, God has not stopped moving on our behalf.  Verse 17 tells us that He puts on His righteousness as His breastplate, as well as the helmet of salvation.  He puts on garments of vengeance and wraps Himself in zeal like a cloak.  Verse 19 tells us that He comes on the scene as a pent-up flood.

Even when circumstances look so gloomy, DON’T GIVE UP!  You don’t know when God will arrive on the scene of your situation as a pent-up flood.  Let Him step in and take vengeance on the adversary, whether it be Satan or someone with flesh and blood.  The vengeance that He will take is so much better than anything we can think up in our finite minds.  For when the Lord goes to battle, who can possibly stand against His awesome power and might?  (Rom. 8:31)

Just when you think that you will never laugh again, God arrives on the scene and does a marvelous work before you.  Where your spirit once was overwhelmed, and your eyes were filled with tears of despair, you now look radiant and your heart throbs and swells with joy!  (Is. 60:5)  NEVER GIVE UP!  Your God is working behind the scenes, and He will fight for you!

© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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