Those “Little” Sins

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Those “Little” Sins

In Christian circles, it’s easy to find ourselves isolated from the world.  We surround ourselves with Christian friends, Christian music, Christian television, Christian websites.  Because we are around those “Christian” things, it’s easy to begin to feel a little pious about ourselves.  After all, we don’t take part in orgies or carousing.  We don’t abuse our children.  We don’t murder or extort money.  In fact, we do pretty good!  We teach our children about Jesus.  We teach them how to pray.  We faithfully attend church, take meals to those in need, lead Bible studies, do volunteer work at church and other places.  We’re doing pretty well in our spiritual walk!

All of a sudden, Father comes to talk to us about those “little” things.  He says, “Do you remember when you came to just a rolling stop at the stop sign the other day?”

I say, “Oops, sorry Lord.  I was in a bit of a hurry.”

Then He says, “What about the words that came out of your mouth when that little, old lady was driving too slow to please you?”

I humbly reply, “Umm, I guess I was in a hurry again.  I didn’t give it any thought that I was being rude.  I’m sorry, Lord.”

Then He asks me, “What about the lies?”

I come up for air on this question! “What ARE You talking about?”

He gently reminds me,  “Do you remember telling the lady at church that you would pray for her?  Have you done so?”

Knowing I was caught again,  I reply, “Well, I’ve just been busy, and I forgot.”

He reminds me that it’s better not to make a vow, than to make one and not fulfill it.  (Ecc. 5:5)

Just as I ask Him to forgive me, He brings up another lie.  “What about the words you often tell yourself?  You know, the ones about how you don’t have time to read My Word?”

I answer,  “Well, Lord, I know I should, but it’s just so busy around here.  You know, the spring cleaning, school work, trying to get the summer wardrobe ready for all of us, and then the garage sale this week.”

He replies,  “I know that you’ve been busy.  I’ve been closely watching.  Even in the midst of all the things you mentioned, you still found time to do some leisurely reading, not to mention chatting on the computer.  The reality is, instead of saying that you didn’t have the time to read My Word, you should have said that you would rather be doing other things.”

“OUCH!”  I think to myself.  “Again Lord, I’m sorry.  You are right.  Will You help me to set the right priorities?”

He gently answers,  “Of course, my child.  I would LOVE to do that!  It’s one of my better specialties.  You know, my Son became a human being, never losing sight of His priority to do His Father’s will.”

“Are we done yet, Lord?”

“No, child, we aren’t.  Do you remember the phone conversation with your best friend?  You began talking about someone.  You tried to make it sound like you were really concerned about this person, but you forget, I see your heart.  You weren’t nearly as concerned about her as you tried to pretend.  You were just wanting to talk about her.”

“Oh, my Lord, please forgive me.  I was so wrong in that.”

As I began to ponder on those seemingly “little” things, they seemed to pile up very quickly, growing higher and higher.  As I continue repenting, I begin to think about how my loving and precious Savior hung on a cross and went through excruciating agony because of sins like these!  Oh, God FORGIVE ME!

I begin to read in Is. 6 where Isaiah cried, “I am a man of unclean lips!  I am ruined!”  Yes, I was feeling the same thing during my talk with Father.  –Or maybe I should say “during Father’s talk with me.”

In verse 6 it tells about how the seraph took a live coal from the altar and touched Isaiah’s lips, telling him that his guilt was taken away, and his sin atoned for.  In studying this, the word “guilt” stands for the most depraved or perverse thing we could do.  The words “taken away” mean “made to disappear, to be turned off.”  The reason that Isaiah’s guilt could be taken away was because the coal which touched his lips was a coal from the altar of sacrifice.  There had been an animal sacrificed, and the blood of that animal had touched the coal, which in turn, had been placed on his lips, cleansing him.

Jesus Christ was put on the altar of sacrifice for you.  His blood was poured out so that you can be guilt-free and cleansed.  That is why Rom. 8:1 says that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Jesus bore all of the sin and guilt so that we wouldn’t have to do it!

Thank You, Loving God for your mercy that has been so abundant in my life.  It never ceases to amaze me.  Help me to think of the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for me each time that my flesh wants to lead me down a path of sin.  Give my spirit the strength to do the right thing, and to turn away from sin’s dark path. Amen.

© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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