Supper is Ready

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Supper is Ready!

As a newlywed, I couldn’t wait for husband to get home at the end of the day so that we could be together once again.  While at work, I would long for the hour to come when we could see each other.  My heart yearned to be with him.

After having Rachel, I still yearned for him to come home for supper.  It was important to me to have that meal ready for him at the end of the day.  I remember how, in the early months of Rachel’s life, the only way that I could get supper done was to play praise and worship music when it was time to fix supper.  She would be in her carrier, sitting on the counter, watching me fix supper, and very quickly, she would dose off long enough for me to get supper ready.  Many times Dean would walk in the door to that peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, finding his precious little one, sound asleep.  (What he didn’t know was how chaotic life had been prior to that nap!)

As Rachel grew up, I would anxiously await supper time again, wanting to tell Dean about the latest words Rachel said, or something funny that she did.  Often, we’d find ourselves at the supper table, having a good laugh over the humorous things Rachel would do.

Even now, I still yearn for the hour when my husband will walk in the door.  There is a contentment to our whole family when we are all together in the evenings.  We feel complete when we are all together.  It gives us that time for intimate conversation when we sit down at the supper table.  There are even those times when Dean may be here, but yet he’s out working in the garage.  Finally, I am able to send Rachel out to tell him, “Supper is ready!”  Once again, I’m longing for those supper time moments.

Even with as much as I look forward to supper time, there is another supper that I am even more anxiously awaiting — the Wedding supper of the Lamb. (Rev. 19:9) I used to find myself feeling too attached to this world, but in the last few years as I have developed a much deeper and intimate walk with the Lord, I find myself feeling more like an alien and stranger on this earth. (I Pet. 2:11) I long to go home to that place that my Lord has prepared for me. (Jn. 14:1-3) I’m longing for supper time.

Sister, even in the midst of the daily grind and the myriad of trials that you may be facing right now, I pray that you hear the voice of the Father saying, “Supper is almost ready!”
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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