Birthing of Gifts

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Birthing of Gifts

Now, let’s move on to the birthing process in a marriage.  Just as husband and wife have a union where they give birth to a child, God will birth things within us.  He conceives the gift within you.  Sometimes He may show you the birthing process by giving you dreams about this gifting.  Sometimes He may just put a passion in your heart for a particular area.  Eventually, you “bear” the gift, yet you are totally aware that it is only because Father planted the seed of that gift within you.  The gift is the “baby” which you’ve made, with the help of the Lord.
I can remember a good example of God using dreams to show me what He was going to do in my life.  I kept having dreams of singing before people.  I just laughed it off, thinking it was a high and lofty idea.  Several months later, I went Christmas caroling at the nursing homes.  I loved being around those elderly people.  Within a short period of time, I joined the nursing home ministry.  The first Sunday there, I couldn’t believe what happened.  They handed me a microphone, and said, “SING!”  I think I actually heard God laughing that day!  As I was faithful in helping in that ministry, God developed a confidence in me, and eventually, I found myself singing in front of the whole church.  I still remember the very first time – I was positive that I was going to vomit! Thankfully, it didn’t happen!

In Deut. 22:13-21 it talks about the blood covenant that comes with getting married.  When the marriage was consummated, blood would be shed by the woman, if she was still a virgin.  There is a blood covenant in being the Bride of Christ also, only this time, it was the Groom who shed His blood, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.  May we never take for granted the awesome sacrifice that our Groom paid for our redemption.

I hope that through these illustrations I’ve been able to give a different, though fresh look at what being the Bride of Christ is.  I hope that it’s whetted your appetite to find those intimate times of refreshing with our wonderful Savior.
© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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