Song of Solomon Chapter 6

Unless otherwise noted, scripture references are from the Message Bible.

Song of Songs

Chapter 6
In verse 9, we find that her friends are calling her blessed.  When we fall head over heels in love with Jesus, others will see a change in us, causing them to call us blessed because they see something awesome taking place in us.

In verse 11, it mentions a grove of nut trees.  To open a nut, it requires careful diligence to get it open, then you get the meat from it.  It’s the same with the Word of God.  We must be diligent in opening it.  When we are diligent, God will reward us with the ‘meat’ of the Word. (Heb. 11:6)

In verse 13, he asks the Shulammite’s friends why they are gazing at her as if gazing at the dance of Mahanaim.  Mahanaim was a place of refuge.  Her friends could see that she had found that place of refuge in her intimate relationship with her beloved.  She had chosen to love him with complete abandonment, not caring about what others think of her.

Have you found Jesus to be your refuge?  Have you reached that place of complete abandonment with Him?  He loved you with complete abandonment — leaving His throne to go all the way to the pit of hell for you.  Now He’s patiently waiting on you to love Him passionately, in hot pursuit of Him.
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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