Song of Solomon Chapter 3

Unless otherwise noted, scripture references are from the Message Bible.

Song of Songs

Chapter 3
“Restless in bed and sleepless through the night, I longed for my lover.  I wanted him desperately.  His absence was painful.  So I got up, went out and roved the city, hunting through the streets and down alleys…I looked high and low, and didn’t find him.”

When she finds him, she says, “I threw my arms around him and held him tight, wouldn’t let him go until I had him home again, safe at home again by the fire.”

We all have times when our relationship with the Lord wanes and grows cool for a period of time, whether it be a few hours or for many weeks.  In my own life, I have had those times when I was miserable from that distance between my Lord and I, and it caused me to toss and turn throughout the night.  I had a deep ‘want’ inside of me, and in my roaming throughout the city, looking to fulfill that want, I would turn to reading romance novels, shopping, spending too much time on the computer, eating carelessly, and more.  My quest to find my Lover would eventually lead me to my knees.  I would ‘latch onto’ Him once I found Him, determined to never go through that experience again.

Today’s verse mentions how she wouldn’t let go of him until she had him home again.  This would signify putting Christ in the proper priority in our heart.  In the Amp. Bible, Col. 3:16 talks about letting Christ have His home in our hearts.  When she talks about having him safe by the fire, the fire represents the Holy Spirit’s fire, being re-lit in our lives.

Are you currently roaming the city, looking for your Lover?  Why don’t you try getting on your knees and see if finding Him becomes a whole lot easier than searching throughout the city.
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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