Heart of Worship

This is something many professing Christians never seem to learn.  I’m so proud of my daughter’s friend for learning this in junior high.

"Midwest Shooting Star"

My junior year of high school I made it to a state music competition for my clarinet solo. I practiced every day after school and could often be found in a practice room during my fifth period study hall. I don’t think I’d made such an effort for anything before in my life. The day of the competition, after practicing some of the more difficult runs and doing them perfectly, I went to the room with the judge. This was it. This was my big moment. This was when all my hard work would pay off. However, when I began to play, all my clarinet could do was squawk. My reed was waterlogged. I asked the judge if I could run to grab another reed, but she refused. I was stuck with a clarinet that sounded like a dying goose and tears began to form in my eyes as I…

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