Most women will admit that they feel guilty if they try to take some time for themselves.  We get so caught up in our “Martha” role that we forget to do our “Mary” role. (Luke 10:38-42)  Often times, we are so caught up being like Martha that we end up being uncomfortable when we try to switch and be more like Mary.

A precious friend of mine, whose name was Mary, went to be with Jesus recently.  Our pastor paid the ultimate tribute to her when he said that Mary was a marvelous example to us of someone who could be busy like Martha, yet never failed to take time at the feet of our Lord.  Mary certainly knew the importance of those times of solitude with Jesus.

When I first started teaching a Sunday school class, Mary was one of the ladies who faithfully attended.  At first I was rather intimidated, having a lady who was quite a bit older than me in attendance.  I was thinking, “She should be teaching me!”  As time passed, I got to know Mary better and deeply appreciated her wit and wisdom.  The ladies who attended the class really looked forward to coming every Sunday, not because I was some great teacher, but because we couldn’t wait to see what Mary had to say!  She was so much like the Proverbs 31 lady.  When Mary opened her mouth, wisdom and faithful instruction easily flowed from her lips. (Proverbs 31:26)  She will be greatly missed by many in the years to come.

What we must realize about solitude is that it is a MUST for us.  Even Jesus had times of solitude.
He spent forty days alone in the desert. (Matthew 4:1-11)
He spent time alone before choosing the twelve disciples. (Luke 6:12)
After the twelve disciples returned from a preaching and healing mission in Mark 6:31, Jesus called them to a quiet place to rest with Him.
After healing a leper, Jesus went off to be alone. (Luke 5:16)
He took only three disciples with Him to a solitary place for the transfiguration. (Matthew 17:1-9)
He went off by Himself to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane before giving His life for us. (Matthew 26:36-46)

If the Son of God needed times of solitude, how can we possibly think we don’t need it?
Solitude is not selfishness.  Rather, it is vital for us if we hope to accomplish the tasks set before us.  Rest and refuel before you try to meet the needs of your own ‘masses’ of people.

© 2006, Stacy R. Miller


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  1. hallken49mm
    Aug 19, 2016 @ 08:36:08

    Hi Renee
    This is Messy 49, Ken and Barb. I recommended your blog to Barb and she has it as a favorite.

    What I wanted to tell you is this . I am going to stop posting on WCF for various reasons. I was in a hiatus from my own writing while I was posting there. Just trying to encourage folks and defend the Faith. It is time to get back to some writing and commenting in other media. I plan to be posting here on wordpress at Hey Jude, 15. I started that blog a while back and have not devoted much time to it, but God willing and He tarries a little while longer, I will put comments and teaching there on a regular basis.

    I like your insights, exuberance, and wit, Renee. I will be checking out Proverbs 31 Wanna Be on a regular basis. I hope you will read some of my material, also.

    Blessings, Ken


    • Proverbs 31 wanna-be
      Aug 19, 2016 @ 12:59:25

      Ken, could you send me a link to your blog? I would love to stop by your blog, but am having trouble trying to find it.

      I’m glad you and Barb are enjoying my blog. I will send you a link to my private blog through a PM at the forum.

      I will miss you on the forum. I always enjoy reading your posts/thoughts, even if I may not comment on all of them.


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