A Smoldering Wick

A Smoldering Wick

During the winter months, I enjoy having candles lit throughout the house.  While they are burning, they give off light, even in the darkest of nights.  Even a very small candle in the bathroom can send out a nice light into the darkened hallway, helping me to see my way.  Candles give a cozy feeling — of warmth and peace.  They make a home inviting.  When I visit a friend of mine, her house always smells wonderful because she uses candles frequently.  As soon as I step in through the doorway, an inviting fragrance fills my senses.

As I was reading in the book of Matthew, I saw where it mentions a smoldering wick in chapter 12.  Thinking back to my candles, when I blow them out, there is that smoldering, where you just see the smoke rising from what was once aflame.  What previously gave off a beautiful fragrance now gives off the stench of smoke.  As I pondered on the contrast between a burning candle and one that is smoldering after being blown out, I had began to wonder how many times I have been like the smoldering wick.

Pondering on your own life, are you like the candle that burns brightly, giving off a lovely fragrance?  Or are you a smoldering wick with the smell of smoke on you?  Are you in desperate need of the Holy Spirit’s fire to light you once again?  Matt. 12:20 tells us that God won’t blow out a smoldering wick.  He’s ready and waiting for you to tell Him to light the fire once again.
© 2004, Stacy R. Miller


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