Prayer Series – Outline for Prayer

Outline for Prayer

I know that many of us struggle with having a consistent prayer life.  There may even be some who don’t really see the importance of prayer.  Yet, Jesus said in Mt. 6:5 “WHEN you pray.”  It becomes pretty clear that prayer is something that we should do; otherwise, it could have been stated “If you pray.”  Our Lord took time out to pray.  If the Master needed time alone with the Father, then shouldn’t we who are often so fleshly, and who so prone to sinning, need time alone with the Father as well?

We find the Lord’s prayer in Mt. 6:9-13.  I used to attend a church that would quote this “prayer” every time we attended service.  However, this isn’t really a prayer at all, but rather a model of how we are to pray.  You could easily make an outline from this model like this:
I.  Our Father in heaven, holy is Your name.
A.  Worship the Lord.
II. Your kingdom come, Your will be done.
A.   In my life
B.   In the lives of my family members
C.  In the lives of those who rule this nation.
D.   In countries around the world.
E.   In my church
III. Give us this day our daily bread.
A.   Pray for God to show me more of Himself today.
B.   For Him to provide for our physical needs.
C.   For our financial needs.
D.   For our emotional needs.
IV. Forgive us our debts.
A.  Take time to be still before Him.
B.   Be conscious of the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
C.   Repent of the sins that come to mind.
D.   Pray for His direction in making restitution and apologizing where necessary.
V.   And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
A.  For Him to put His word deep in my heart so that I might not sin.
B.  For His strength to help me remove myself from places of temptation.

We can use the above outline and pray a long or short prayer.  We can do a brief prayer and still cover most subjects, or we can MAKE time (it’s our choice), to pray longer.  This outline can easily be modified to fit the needs in your own life, or to fit the burdens that are on your own heart.

In Mt. 7:7-8, we come upon the scripture which mentions asking, seeking, and knocking.  From the Full Life Study Bible, p. 16, it says:  “Jesus encourages perseverance in prayer.  The tense of the Greek verbs in v. 8 designates continued action.  This means we must keep on asking, seeking, and knocking.  Asking implies consciousness of need and the belief that God hears our prayer.  Seeking implies earnest petitioning along with obedience to God’s will. Knocking implies perseverance in coming to God even when he does not respond quickly.  Christ’s assurance that those who ask will receive what they ask is based on: (1) seeking first the kingdom of God; (2) recognizing God’s fatherly goodness and love; (3) praying according to God’s will; (4) maintaining fellowship with Christ; and (5) obeying Christ.”
© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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