Plugged In

Plugged In

One evening, I flipped the switch to turn on the sweeper, and nothing happened.  I had failed to plug it into the power source.

What is your power source?  Do you chase after outer beauty, which will soon fade away?  Do you desire the praise of men more than the praise of God?  Do you thrive on compliments more than you thrive on hearing God speak to you?  Do you look to your husband to fulfill all of your longings, rather than turning to your heavenly Father to fill the void in your life?  Do you look to the prestige of heading up a ministry at church to be a ‘power source’ for you?  Is your ‘power source’ the success of your children when you see straight A’s on their report cards?

If you seek after any of the above, you are plugged into the wrong ‘power source.’  However, God is very willing to help you get plugged into the right ‘Power Source.’  Jesus gives us several keys to get ‘plugged in.’  He tells us in  Matthew 6:33 to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness.  In John 15:10-11, He explains to us that by obeying God’s commands we will remain in His love.  The end result is that our joy will be complete.  Joy is a great power source because it comes from GOD!

One more power source in the Word that has really spoken deeply to me is when God has asked me whose applause I desire more.  Do I desire His approval, or do I seek after man’s approval? (John 12:43)

What power source are you plugged into?

© 2005, Stacy R. Miller


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