Pit Bull Attack

Pit Bull Attack

Several years ago, while I was pushing my daughter in her stroller and enjoying a leisurely walk with my mother, I was attacked by a pit bull.  I was minding my own business, and without warning, I suddenly feel a pit bull jumping on me.  Isn’t that how Satan works?  He watches, just waiting for when you are carefree and unaware of his presence, and suddenly, without warning, he attacks.  He gets his teeth in you, and much like a pit bull, he doesn’t want to let go.

When I went to the Emergency Room, they cleansed and bandaged my wound, and gave me after-care instructions on how to treat the wound.  When we’ve been spiritually wounded, our Great Physician can pour the soothing oil of the Holy Spirit to bring healing, and He gives us after-care instructions in His Word.

The doctor told me that trying to stitch a dog bite would really increase my chances of getting a nasty infection.  Having decided against stitches, I was left with two huge, oozing places on my leg.  The wounds oozed nasty-looking stuff for several weeks following the attack.  When we’ve been hurt by someone, and we fail to take it to the Lord and leave it with Him, we also ooze.  It can ooze forth in cynical, bitter comments.  It can ooze out in a rage of anger.  It can ooze from our countenance.  If we take it to the cross, God can replace the poisonous oozing with the healing balm of Gilead.

A dog’s bite is very dirty, so the doctor prescribed a strong antibiotic for me.  It helped to curb any further risks of infection.  One type of spiritual infection that many of us face is that of harboring unforgiveness.  When Satan comes as a pit bull, ready to latch onto us with unforgiveness, our antibiotic may simply be telling our self, “I choose to forgive.”  Just as we may need to take an antibiotic several times a day, we may also need to repeat several times a day that we choose to forgive, rather than hold a grudge.

There were days when I didn’t want to do the extra care that having this big gash on my leg required.  Yet I chose to do it in spite of my feelings.  It’s the same way when we’ve been wronged.  Many times we may wake up and we don’t feel like granting forgiveness, but we need to make the choice to do it anyway.

Another thing the doctor told me to do while on the antibiotics was to take a heating pad and place it on the wound at least twice a day, for twenty minutes each time.  The heat would help draw the antibiotic to the wounded area, helping it to heal quicker.  It’s the same when we are dealing with a wound — whether the wound was inflicted by someone else, or as a result of our own sin.  If we stay in passionate pursuit of God, keeping ourselves hot, rather than lukewarm or cold, it will allow us to heal more quickly.  It will give Satan less of a foothold in our life where he can latch on like a pit bull.

The pit bull bit me on the outer side of my leg, right where it bends at the knee.  The wound kept trying to heal, but whenever I’d bend my leg, it would break open the scab.  We do the same thing when we’ve been hurt.  God tries to heal it, but we start rehashing the situation with anyone who will listen, and we tear open the wound again and again.

I was not only dealing with physical problems from this attack, but I was also having nightmares.  As soon as I’d close my eyes, I would see that dog, ready to jump at me again.  It was horrifying to deal with it every night.  On top of that, my daughter, who was only two years old at the time, would awaken if she heard a dog barking.  She would jump out of bed, run down the hall, screaming and crying with fear because she was afraid that the dog was coming to get her.  Even though the dog attacked me, she was with me, and she was affected by it.  When we are attacked spiritually, chances are high that it will affect those around us.

After the scab had healed, I was left with two nasty-looking scars.  In an effort to lessen the scarring, the doctor had me wear a silicone patch, often used on burn victims, to minimize their scarring.  The patch is sticky on one side, so it’s supposed to adhere to the skin.  Being that my scars were right where my leg bends, I had to wrap an Ace bandage around my leg to hold it in place.  Sometimes God has to wrap us up as well.  When we’ve been attacked by Satan, or when God decides that it’s time for us to deal with some of our own scars, God will shelter us in the shadow of His wings.  Sometimes He may even be forced to remove us from a place of ministry for a while, yet He continues to lovingly cover us with His wings.  All the while, He is tenderly ministering to us, even when we may be totally unaware of what He is doing.  We may not realize what all has transpired until many months later, or until God chooses to reveal it to us.

After the wound finally closed up, and the scab went away, many people assumed that I was healed.  Yet I knew better.  I was the one who had pain whenever I’d try to sleep on my left side.  I was the one who would cry out in pain if Rachel would come running to me and wrap her arms around that leg.  I finally went to see a specialist about it.  He told me that I needed surgery to help get rid of what was hiding in there — scar tissue.  Before I would get better, I was going to have to endure some more pain.  It’s the same with us in a spiritual sense.  Many times God will get us to a place in our lives where we have to deal with things that we’ve tried to hide.  He may need to use a spiritual knife to cut away some flesh that doesn’t belong there, or to remove some scar tissue from us.  Yes, it hurts to undergo a knife, but it’s sure worth it!  While the spiritual knife will hurt us, it will never harm us.

This whole process of trying to get completely healed not only took many months, but it was costly, and we had no insurance to pay for it.  However, if you are finding yourself in need of treatment for a spiritual ‘pit bull attack,’ Jesus has already paid the bill for you.  Go ahead and get treatment!
© 2005, Stacy R. Miller


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