Mercy In Action

Mercy in Action

Shortly before the official kick-off of the Christmas season of 2013, two tornadoes ripped through our city.  The devastation was astounding.  Over 700 homes and businesses were completely destroyed.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, the very next day, the temperatures plummeted to bitterly cold and it turned very windy.

The tornado swept through town from west to east.  Since I travel north to south in my drive to work, I could easily tell the next morning where it actually hit, even though it was dark outside.  It was eerily quiet in that part of town as I drove through.

However, when I finished my shift the next day, I saw hundreds of volunteers working in the bitterly cold weather.  Behind the scenes were hundreds more, organizing drop-off points for donations of new clothing, personal care items, cleaning items, water, and more.

Christmas is always a season where you see giving.  Yet, this Christmas is one I will never forget because of the tremendous outpouring of love and mercy shown to those who had lost so much.

© 2014 Stacy R. Miller


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