Our Shepherd

Our Shepherd
Do I really believe God is my Shepherd?  Psalm 23:1 says that I shall not be in want.  Yet, how many times do I find myself wanting a new outfit, a thinner body, or a thicker bank account?

One of the responsibilities of a shepherd is to make sure the sheep have what they need.  When something happens that I don’t want to deal with, I will often blurt out — ok, in all honesty, I will YELL out, “I don’t need this right now!”  Perhaps my Shepherd thinks I do.  He may be trying to develop my character through it.

A shepherd leads the flock to green pastures and still waters, seeking to restore them.  Many times when my soul needs restored, I find myself running toward chocolate or caffeine.  I fail to pick up His Word and letting Him refresh me.  How many times in a state of discontentment do I surf the web, only to find myself drained even more?
Our Shepherd guides me in righteousness.  Yet when discomforted or disquieted, I fail to take that path.  I choose instead to get on the phone where my myriad of words may lead me to gossip.

When walking through the darkest valley, He is with me.  However, when I look at my countenance during that valley, I can see fear and doubt.  I have failed to reach out for the comfort He offers me.

When battling my enemies, how many times do I forget God is there?  He offers anointing that will cause my cup to overflow.  Yet, I choose to become so myopic in my focus that I get focused on how big the problem is, rather than how great and magnificent my Shepherd is!

If you would look at me during these times, my countenance might say, “Misery and misfortune will follow me all the days of my life.”  Yet our Shepherd offers us goodness and mercy.

In becoming too familiar with Psalm 23, I think we often fail to realize how truly rich it is in showing us how much our Shepherd really does care for us.  He is a tender, loving Shepherd whose eyes are constantly on His sheep.  Can we ask for anything more?

© 2013, Stacy R. Miller


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