Mercy In Action

Mercy in Action

Shortly before the official kick-off of the Christmas season of 2013, two tornadoes ripped through our city.  The devastation was astounding.  Over 700 homes and businesses were completely destroyed.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, the very next day, the temperatures plummeted to bitterly cold and it turned very windy.

The tornado swept through town from west to east.  Since I travel north to south in my drive to work, I could easily tell the next morning where it actually hit, even though it was dark outside.  It was eerily quiet in that part of town as I drove through.

However, when I finished my shift the next day, I saw hundreds of volunteers working in the bitterly cold weather.  Behind the scenes were hundreds more, organizing drop-off points for donations of new clothing, personal care items, cleaning items, water, and more.

Christmas is always a season where you see giving.  Yet, this Christmas is one I will never forget because of the tremendous outpouring of love and mercy shown to those who had lost so much.

© 2014 Stacy R. Miller


Power Outage

Power Outage

One day when we had a power outage, I kept finding myself trying to do things which required electricity. I’d turn on a light switch, but there was no light. I got out the sweeper, thinking I could do some cleaning, all to no avail. Finally, I decided I would do something more productive – run errands. I grab my keys and my purse, quickly heading out to the garage when I realized the garage door is operated by electricity.

I was diligently trying to connect to the power source, all to no avail. And why was I doing that? Because we are such creatures of habit! Nearly everything I do on a daily basis requires electricity. To try to break the habit, even though I knew the power was out, was very hard to do.

I saw a spiritual connection in this situation. Many times we try to connect with the Lord when our backs are against the wall. However, on a day-to-day basis, we fail to do so. To keep our spiritual power source intact, we need to be daily connecting with him, to the point that it is as automatic to us as turning on a light switch. How do we do this?

We are told in 1 Timothy 4:8 to train ourselves to be godly. For myself, there are many ways I do this, and depending on circumstances, the way I attempt my “train” myself will vary. Sometimes I feel led to do a deep study on a certain book of the Bible. Other times, I might feel like doing a study on a particular topic.

Occasionally, I need to cut things from my life – things like friendships that don’t edify. Currently, there is someone I have contact with on a daily basis. I have to interact with this individual in a professional sense several times a week. However, when this person wants to “puke” their negativity on me, I find a way to exit the scene very quickly. When I am around anyone who has a negative disposition, I feel like any positive energy in me is being sucked out, much like when you blow up a balloon, then let it go. It quickly drains me emotionally and physically.

The best way to train ourselves to be godly is to ask the Lord to help us. He is ready and waiting, and he will direct our steps if we only ask.

© 2014, Stacy R. Miller

She says what we’ve all been thinking

She Rips Obama To Shreds With This Epic Monologue & Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

It’s about 2 minutes 40 seconds, and worth EVERY bit of it!!!



When I find that I am frequently feeling overwhelmed, I will take inventory of my life:
·    Have I been spending enough time in the Word?
·    Have I been getting enough sleep?
·    Have I been eating right?
·    Have I been spending enough time connecting with my husband?
·    Is it near “that time of the month?”
·    Have I been exercising?
·    Is there anything I need to cut from my life which will help lessen that “overwhelmed” feeling?
Occasionally, I will need to readjust my activities.  However, I recently had some changes that were brought about without my feeling the need to readjust.  Our computer at home recently stopped letting me access an online board that I had been a part of for many years.  At first, I really missed it.  I felt like it was my lifeline.  However, as time has passed, I realized that I didn’t miss it so much.

Granted, it is a great online community that has great value to women.  However, with my current responsibilities, I just didn’t have the time or energy to invest in the lives of the women there.  Honesty, as I would try to read some of the threads, I found that it was draining me.  I knew I had enough things in my own life which needed my undivided attention.  I just couldn’t devote any more time to an online community.

Since computer usage has always been an issue where I’ve had to be on guard, I realized that not being able to access that board was a blessing in disguise.  Since I’ve drastically cut back on my computer time, I rarely have feelings of being overwhelmed.

I share my story with you, not to place guilt on you for using the computer, or for joining an online board.   After all, there are some fantastic online communities that are a great help to others.  Rather, I share my story in case it might be a “light bulb” moment for you regarding some of your own activities.  If you are frequently feeling overwhelmed, perhaps you need to reevaluate and adjust a few things.

© 2011, Stacy R. Miller

When Does the Rapture Take Place?

I wanted to share something with you.  I’ve done a lot of studying over the last year regarding prophetic things, Matthew 24, and the book of Revelation.  I’ve done some researching online on the topic of the rapture.  I found some very interesting things that we’ve not been taught in church.Get your bible and open to Matthew 24 and Revelation 6.

Read Matthew 24.  Watch for the words AFTER the tribulation, and see what happens after the tribulation.  The sun and moon are darkened, stars fall from the sky, then the Son of Man appears and gathers His elect.  This is the rapture, and EVERY eye will see it.  It won’t be like what we’ve been told all these years.  Now go to Revelation 6:12 and start reading there.  You will find THIS is where the sun and moon are darkened and the stars fall from the sky.  (And remember — you just read in Matthew 24 that this happens AFTER the tribulation.)  Verses 15-16 speak of many who are trying to hide from the Son of Man when He comes.  Verse 17 speaks of how the day of His WRATH has come.  Meaning – the tribulation is over.  Wrath has now come.

Moving on, since we are not appointed to wrath, we are now gone.  Revelation 7 speaks of a multitude of people from every nation, tribe, tongue being in heaven.  Verse 14 tells us these are those who have come out of great tribulation.

So I believe all this stuff about a 7 year tribulation is wrong!  The bible doesn’t specifically speak of tribulation itself lasting 7 years.  So there is a time of trouble that lasts 7 years, but not all of it is the tribulation.  Part of it is WRATH, and that is DIFFERENT from tribulation.  We’ve NOT been taught that!!!!

Also, as you read through scripture, you will often see the phrase “The day of the Lord.”  This is referring to the day the rapture takes place and the wrath of God begins.  (They both happen on the same day.)

Oh, and something else — Mt. 24:32 speaks of the days of the tribulation being shortened for the sake of the elect.  If the tribulation is supposed to last 7 full years, how can you shorten those days?  It can only happen if part of that 7 years is tribulation and part of it is God’s wrath.

This was a very hard realization for me.  I was scared and I was angry at having been taught lies for over 30 years.  But as I have prayed and hidden myself in the shelter of the Almighty, I’ve come to grips with it.  I joined an end-time forum online and one of the members posted a very wise comment.  He said, “I’d rather be prepared for the tribulation and surprised by the rapture than to be prepared for the rapture and surprised by the tribulation.”  Very wise words indeed.  I keep telling my hubby, “If I ever wanted to be wrong about something, it would be my new beliefs on when the rapture takes place.”

If you want to study more on this topic and research it for yourself (and I highly recommend that you do), there is a great teaching called After the Tribulation.  Have your Bible, a notebook, and a pen handy.  You will want to take notes!

Also, there is a book on this topic that is a easy-read.  Short, and to-the-point, with clear, easy-to-understand explanations for why the rapture takes place after the tribulation.  It is called The Prewrath Rapture Position Explained: Plain and Simple.  I highly recommend it!

I’m sharing my thoughts on this with you because if I’m correct in what I’m seeing in the Word, I don’t want to see the Church left in the dark and caught unaware.  We need to get our spiritual house in order.  We also need to be discussing this with our family members and making plans for when things really start hitting.

May the Lord be with you and grant you peace as you continue to live in Him.

Our Shepherd

Our Shepherd
Do I really believe God is my Shepherd?  Psalm 23:1 says that I shall not be in want.  Yet, how many times do I find myself wanting a new outfit, a thinner body, or a thicker bank account?

One of the responsibilities of a shepherd is to make sure the sheep have what they need.  When something happens that I don’t want to deal with, I will often blurt out — ok, in all honesty, I will YELL out, “I don’t need this right now!”  Perhaps my Shepherd thinks I do.  He may be trying to develop my character through it.

A shepherd leads the flock to green pastures and still waters, seeking to restore them.  Many times when my soul needs restored, I find myself running toward chocolate or caffeine.  I fail to pick up His Word and letting Him refresh me.  How many times in a state of discontentment do I surf the web, only to find myself drained even more?
Our Shepherd guides me in righteousness.  Yet when discomforted or disquieted, I fail to take that path.  I choose instead to get on the phone where my myriad of words may lead me to gossip.

When walking through the darkest valley, He is with me.  However, when I look at my countenance during that valley, I can see fear and doubt.  I have failed to reach out for the comfort He offers me.

When battling my enemies, how many times do I forget God is there?  He offers anointing that will cause my cup to overflow.  Yet, I choose to become so myopic in my focus that I get focused on how big the problem is, rather than how great and magnificent my Shepherd is!

If you would look at me during these times, my countenance might say, “Misery and misfortune will follow me all the days of my life.”  Yet our Shepherd offers us goodness and mercy.

In becoming too familiar with Psalm 23, I think we often fail to realize how truly rich it is in showing us how much our Shepherd really does care for us.  He is a tender, loving Shepherd whose eyes are constantly on His sheep.  Can we ask for anything more?

© 2013, Stacy R. Miller

My Sheep Know My Voice

My Sheep Know My Voice

I was facing a situation where I knew I needed to call a couple of wise, godly friends and ask for their counsel on an issue.  What they said confirmed the action I was thinking of taking, so I planned to follow through quickly.  However, later that day, as I began to dust the furniture, I heard that still, small voice of the Lord.  Though what He said was spoken very softly, the impression on my spirit was incredibly strong.  He told me not to take action; He would take care of it.  I was amazed when the entire situation was taken care of in just a few weeks time, and with no action from me.

What my friends said all sounded very logical, yet I knew I had to listen to what the Lord was speaking to me.  It gave me a new understanding of the importance of John 10:27 where Jesus said that His sheep know His voice and will listen to Him.  There are many times when we want to follow what sounds logical.  Yet, when the Lord speaks something that doesn’t sound logical to us, we need to follow His voice.  This is even more important since I believe we are living in the last days.  There are many voices speaking things which “sound” good.  Yet, we cannot discern what is truly good unless we clearly know the voice of our Shepherd.

Do you know your Shepherd’s voice?
© 2008, Stacy R Miller

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