Don’t Be a Meathead!

Don’t be a Meathead!

As a little girl, I remember watching All in the Family.  Archie would never fail to call his son-in-law “Meathead” at least once during every episode.  While we laughed to hear the bantering between the two men, it isn’t so funny when we think of being called a “Meathead.”  Nobody likes to be called degrading names.

In I Cor. 3:3, Paul calls the Christians carnal because of the jealousy and quarreling that took place among the believers.  He says that they are carnally minded.  In studying the word ‘carnal,’ I found that it comes from ‘carnivorous,’ which means ‘meat.’  ‘Minded’ refers to the head.  ‘Carnally minded’ means, in essence, being a ‘meathead.’

How many times do we find ourselves acting in carnally minded ways?  It sounds even worse when we think of ourselves as being a ‘meathead.’  Yet, we often do just that.  For example, maybe our husband says, “I wish you wouldn’t iron my pants this way!”  How will most of us respond?  A harsh word usually stirs up more harsh words.  (Pr. 15:1) Let’s look at our husband’s request in another way.  “Honey, do you think that you could iron my pants with a crease down the middle?”  Because he is asking in a gentle, respectful manner, we are much more likely to want to honor his request, and work to please him.  After all, Prov. 16:24 tells us that pleasant words are sweet to our soul.

When growing up, if your mother told you, “Don’t touch those cookies!” you would likely be fighting a fleshly battle.  The mere mention of the cookies probably got your taste buds in an uproar!  But, if she was wise, she would sweetly say, “After we eat supper, we can all have some cookies while we play a game.”  Your thinking would likely have been upon the enjoyable part of the evening (cookies and game time), rather than on the underlying command of ‘do not eat the cookies now.’

Many times people focus on the ‘do nots’ of the Bible rather than changing their thinking.  The Word tell us that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. (Jn. 8:32) Sometimes we forget that God gives us power to NOT sin!  We are too busy focusing on what we aren’t supposed to do, rather than focusing on the power that God abundantly gives us to help us overcome those things which try to ensnare us.

It’s not a magical formula, where someone performs a voodoo ritual over us.  It often takes bringing our flesh into subjection to our spirit, and that takes work!  A farmer must sow before he can reap. It requires much effort and diligence on his part.  It’s the same with us.  We must renew our minds, training ourselves to be godly, putting on the Lord Jesus, and walking in the Spirit.  As we seek to do these things, we will find the Holy Spirit right there with us, being our cheerleader as we journey away from our previous habit of being a ‘meathead.’
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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