Lady In Waiting

Lady in Waiting

We spend much of our time waiting.  We wait in line at the grocery store, we wait on traffic jams or trains, and we can be forced to wait when a receptionist puts us on hold.  Sometimes we find ourselves waiting on test results from the doctor.  Sometimes our waiting can be as simple as waiting on our modem to connect us to the Internet.  I don’t know too many people who enjoy the waiting process.

How do we react when God doesn’t respond to our requests in a quick fashion?  Do we tend to want to “fix” the problem ourselves?  Do we jump in and intervene, thinking that He isn’t listening?  Do we try to “help” the answer come to pass?  Sarah did this.  By using the wisdom of this world, she just knew that God needed some help in giving Abraham an heir.  In “helping” God, she ended up getting a mistress who despised her.  Not only that, I believe that she had some marital trouble as well.  In Gen. 16:5, she told Abram that he was the one responsible for the current predicament.  While scripture doesn’t go into much detail on this conversation, beyond Abram telling Sarah to do with Hagar what she desired, I can’t picture Abram being totally gracious in receiving her harsh words.  Try to picture your husband if you spoke such harsh words to him!

Rebekah decided to help Jacob in stealing the blessing from Esau.  What a lady of integrity!  She was very deceptive and sneaky in her tactics.  This wasn’t some spur of the moment scheme.  She had it well planned out, all the way down to the nitty-gritty details of how to carry out her plan.  She relied on the wisdom of this world, rather than on God’s wisdom which gives knowledge and understanding.  (Prov. 2)  When Jacob stole the blessing, she might have been quite pleased with herself for about two minutes.  Then, reality set in.  She saw the intense rage and hatred that rose up within Esau.  Later, she heard of Esau’s plans to kill Jacob.  The son she longed to help was now a living as a fugitive on the run.  Rebekah not only had to deal with the guilt and condemnation of her conniving actions, but now she lost her dear son.  When Jacob was able to return over two decades later, Rebekah was dead.  I wonder what would have happened in this situation if she had only waited on the Lord, instead of trying to help…..

The next time you are faced with waiting on the Lord, remember these words from Ps. 27.  “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  (NIV)

© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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