I marvel at the patience and mercy that Jesus shows His disciples.  Here they are, hanging out with the Son of God on a daily basis.  They have heard Him preach some awesome messages.  They have seen Him dismantle the religious leaders and their theology.  They were at His side when He healed the multitudes.  They were there when Jesus calmed a storm.  They saw many people set free from demons.  They even had the privilege of seeing how Jesus could raise the dead.  They even beheld the feeding of the five thousand.

Yet, only hours after seeing this most recent miracle, they began to waver in their faith.  When their boat was being tossed about by the strong winds and high waves, they lost their confidence and their faith.  (Matthew 14:22-33)

At this point, I think I would have lost any compassion and mercy for the disciples.  I think I would have given them some strong criticism for their fear and lack of faith.  But what does Jesus do when they cry out in terror?  Immediately He told them not to be afraid.

After Peter walked on water, he began to get fearful when he felt the blast of the wind and beheld the swells in the water.  He cried out for Jesus to save him.  Again, we see Jesus immediately reach out His hand to Peter.

We may feel like we’re drowning in our emotions because of fluctuating hormones.  We may be overwhelmed with concern for a loved one.  We may have gotten a phone call that shakes our whole world.  We may have gotten news from the doctor that is devastating.  Whatever the need, Jesus is there.  Cry out to Him and watch Him immediately reach out His hand to steady you, to strengthen you, to give you peace, and to deliver you from the terrors that assail you and try so hard to overwhelm you.  He’s there – just reach out your hand to Him.

© 2006, Stacy R. Miller


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  1. Noelene
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 07:21:35

    Thank you for this word of encouragement!


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