I’m so Ashamed!

I’m so Ashamed!

In John 8:1-11, we find the story about the woman who was caught in adultery.  This woman’s passionate pursuit in her adulterous act likely brought a crimson color to her cheeks as she was brought publicly before the people.  Have you ever stopped to notice who brought her?  It was the teachers of the law AND the Pharisees.  That’s quite a group of men!  Knowing the law very well, they made sure that they had more than two witnesses to speak against her.  This was a very cliquish group who had an ulterior motive to their actions.  I believe that they purposely planned to trap this woman in a very intimate act, only to use it, trying to ‘trip up’ the Master when they asked Him about it.

While this woman’s shame was very public, yours may be private.  It may be the mental and emotional abuse from a spouse, or physical abuse by your spouse or even your parents, or the silent shame of that abortion which took place so many years ago, the sexual intimidation by your boss, or even the shame of what a trusted, but perverted, relative inflicted on you as a child.  Whatever kind of shame you may bear, think of it as we continue on in this story.

Now that this poor woman has been brought publicly before the people and branded an adulterer, that stigma would stay with her for the rest of her life.  If you don’t believe me, look at these names, and see what thoughts come to mind:
Jeffrey Dahmer, Benedict Arnold, Monica Lewinsky, Ted Bundy, Susan Smith, O. J. Simpson, or Kobe Bryant.  Kobe hasn’t even had a trial yet, but chances are very high that for the rest of his career, he will be thought of as the NBA star who was charged with rape.  Regardless of the outcome of the trial, I’ll bet that many would even call him the NBA star who was a rapist.  You see, even before there is a trial, public opinion has often formed, and the stigma of that public opinion stays for years, regardless of what a jury may say.  We’ve seen that happen in the O. J. Simpson case.

Moving back to our story, this woman would go to the well every day, having to listen to the whispers of the women, enduring their scorn.  When she goes to town, she’ll endure the coarse joking from the men, and the snubbing of the ladies.  After all, what married lady wants to befriend an adulteress?  She would be seen as a threat to any married woman.

Thinking upon catching someone in the act of adultery, we’ve all heard stories of a husband or wife who hires a private investigator to track the other spouse.  It’s only one person who is watching.  Even if they set up hidden cameras, it’s still usually only one person who is doing the work.  So, for all of these teachers and Pharisees to catch this woman in the act, centuries before hidden cameras were available, it’s a trap!  And this woman was simply the bait used to catch the ‘big fish,’ who would be Jesus.  Notice that the man she was committing the act with wasn’t even brought forth.  He was probably part of this sinister plan.

Bringing their ‘bait’ to Jesus to try and ‘hook’ Him, they expected Him to condemn her.  They must have been dumbstruck at His reaction.  Instead of seeing her condemned, they get to watch the finger of God write in the dirt!  The same fingers that carved the Ten Commandments are now writing in the dirt!  (I wonder if He wrote things like ‘fraud, deceiver, ambusher, cheater, swindler, double-dealer.’  These terms certainly describe the way these men handled this situation.)  Later, we see these same fingers of God carrying a wooden cross to Calvary.  Not only did He bear the weight of all of your sin, He bore your shame too.  Heb. 12:2 tells us that He scorned the shame of the cross.  He bore your sin and shame.  Carrying guilt and shame is nothing but Satan’s trick to hold you in a prison of shame, but Jesus tells you the same thing He told that woman.  “Neither do I condemn you.”

Sister, be loosed of that infirmity of shame that you’ve been needlessly carrying.  Lk. 13:11
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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  1. winstonscrooge
    Apr 15, 2015 @ 20:57:40

    I often wondered what Jesus wrote in the dirt with his finger.


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