I’m Done!

I’m Done!

As mothers, don’t you sometimes wish that you could say, “I’m done!”  It seems that a mother’s work is never done!  Even when we are sleeping, we are still on-call for the one who may wake up ill during the night.  We get the house cleaned, only to find that by the end of the day, the kids have trashed it once again!

We can find ourselves falling into the mode of being ‘task-oriented,’ rather than ‘people-oriented.’  We can become easily irritated by any interruptions.  We seem to forget that some things which happen are God-ordained; we view it as another interruption to our already busy schedule.

In John 17:4, we find that Jesus is talking with the Father, saying that He has completed the work which God gave Him to do.  I wonder how we might view each day, if we are careful to only do the things which Father really wants us to do.  If He wants us to be diligently instructing our children in righteousness, will we be able to relax and let the housework go for a day?  Would that cause excessive stress to our flesh because we have to view the messy house?  Would we be able to set aside our plan to go to garage sales because someone is in need of a meal?  Would we be able to put aside the plan we had made to do something refreshing in order to go visit someone who is in dire need of some company?  Can we set aside our holiday tasks to play a game with the children, or read them a book?

In Matt. 8:1, we find Jesus coming down from the mountainside, after having taught the people for many hours.  He was probably hoping for some time of refreshing and relaxation.  What did He find?  He found that the crowds followed Him.  Moms, do you ever find that your ‘crowds’ have followed you?  Most of us can’t even go to the bathroom by ourselves!  We can certainly understand the frustration that a person would feel when they can’t get away for that time of aloneness, that time to refresh oneself.  But Jesus didn’t respond out of frustration to them.  He continued to minister to them, putting His own fleshly wants aside.  What a contrast between how the Master responded and how I often respond to those ‘interruptions.’  It’s quite convicting, to say the least.

In verses 14-16, we find that Jesus was visiting Peter’s house.  When we go to visit someone, it’s often to relax and fellowship.  Yet, we see that Jesus is immediately called upon because Peter’s mother-in-law was sick.  Not only that, while He was there, MANY were brought to Him.  So much for relaxing and fellowshipping…..

As we move on to Matt. 8:23-25, we find that Jesus is trying to sleep, and now it’s the disciples who are ‘interrupting’ Him.  Have you ever had those days when you finally get to climb into bed, hoping that you can find a peaceful night’s rest, only to find that just as you fall into a deep sleep, you hear these words, “Mom, I had a bad dream.  Can I sleep with you?”  Once again, a peaceful night’s rest seems to be out of the question.

Moving on to Mt. 9:1-2, Jesus crosses over in a boat to visit His home town.  Again, they bring people to Him.  Those of us who have loved ones who live out of town know how precious those family times are.  Yet, Jesus didn’t often have those times with His family because the crowds were always looking to find Him.

In verse 27, He is still being followed.  In verse 36, we find that as He sees the crowds, He has compassion on them.  When we are followed by our ‘crowds,’ do we respond in the same manner?  In my own life, I find myself falling short so many times when MY schedule is interrupted.  When I remember to view the ‘interruption’ as a God-given intervention, my attitude is quite different.

In Mk. 1:35-37 Jesus went off to pray.  Simon and the others came looking for Him, declaring that ‘everyone’ was looking for Him.  We all have days where we feel like ‘everyone’ is looking for us.  The kids need us, hubby needs us, the phone won’t quit ringing because others needs us, the neighbor rings the bell, in search of us.  The list can be endless.  How do we respond?  Jesus responded by saying, “Let us go…That is why I have come.”  Can we say, as Jesus did, that we have come to do the Father’s will?  Can we say, “Not my will, but yours be done?”

Lord, help us to face each day, conscious of Your intervention in our lives.  Help us to view interruptions as an ordained task, given by You.  Help us to remember that as we serve others, we are really serving You.  Help us to be able at the end of each day to say, “Father, I have completed the task that You gave me to do.”  Amen.
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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