How God Speaks

How God Speaks


One early morning, as I was on my way to work my shift in the emergency room, the Lord revealed something to me that really spoke to my heart.  I was just getting ready to turn into the hospital parking lot when I looked up toward the still-darkened sky on my left.  The moon was peaking through some clouds.  Though it wasn’t a full moon, you could still see the light shining through those clouds.


In that familiar, still, quiet voice, the Lord said, “That is how I often speak to my children.  They see clouds all around them as they are going through difficulties.  Through those clouds, I will speak to them, shining my light into their hearts, giving them hope.”
He continued to reveal new images to me regarding how He speaks to His children.  There are times when we go outside on a hot, summer day, where the sun is so bright that it hurts our eyes.  This is similar to the times when we read the Word and a portion of scripture seems to pop off the page, and God reveals something new to use in a very powerful way. 


Needless to say, by the time I had parked the car and walked through the doors of the ER, I had a new spring in my step!

© 2012, Stacy R. Miller



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  1. Arlene Harper
    Dec 05, 2014 @ 14:33:45

    Please pray for my niece in Kenya. She asked for unspecified prayers for her family. She has a three week old baby and they are trying to get papers for her husband so they can get to the states. Miss you

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  2. Soraya Rosaria
    Dec 10, 2014 @ 21:43:44

    I love this topic so much of hearing God. Wanted to share with you what He told me yesterday in another two-way journaling.


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