God Is Into Details

God is into Details


I felt this title stirring in my spirit for about six weeks, but when I’d try to come up with a devotion for it, I was completely uninspired.  That is because the ‘details’ weren’t there yet, ready for me to use.


As I walked into church one Wednesday evening, I was approached by Elaine, who is one of the ladies in charge of our women’s ministry.  She asked me if I would teach the class that night because her infant granddaughter was in the hospital with pneumonia.  Her request wouldn’t have seemed that strange to me, except for the fact that in the series we were studying, I had missed more Wednesday nights than what I had attended because of my daughter having whooping cough.  About the time she started getting better, I came down with it.  Needless to say, I felt rather unprepared to teach! 


All I had with me from the previous weeks was a few notes that I had jotted down.  The study we were doing wasn’t one where we took a book home to read, so there was no weekly homework to help keep me caught up each week if I was unable to attend.  I felt so inadequate, but here she was, asking me to teach in her place.  Now, you are probably wondering just what it was that we’d been studying.  It was Improving Your Serve by Chuck Swindoll.  OK, I know, some of you are seeing the humor in this already!  Yes, I do believe even God got a laugh out of it!  He was surely testing me to see how willing I would be to serve as a teacher that evening.


Thankfully, Elaine had some great notes typed up for me to use.  I was even able to thumb through the book as we quickly covered each chapter, adding a few additional tidbits of information to refresh us on what we had learned in the previous weeks.


I remember reading a scripture in the Amplified Bible many years ago and it said that God is still on the throne and He still rules from heaven.  It goes on to say that He closely watches everything that happens on earth.  Little did I realize how true this verse would be for me that particular night when I walked into church.


You see, it was a miracle that I even made it to church that evening.  Just three days prior, my back went out on me.  For two days, I didn’t do much but lie on the couch with the ice pack, trying to get the swelling to go down. 


While I was in extreme pain, I received a phone call from a dear friend, and I shared my dilemma with her.  We both went to bed that night, praying that my back would heal quickly.  As I talked to her the next day, I told her how much better I felt.  As I began to share with her that I felt such a peace about my healing when I prayed the previous night, she quickly shared that she had the same feeling when she was praying for me.  We discovered that both of us felt that God was going to bring about a very quick recovery for me.  I believe that the Lord led her to call me that evening so that there would be two of us in agreement in prayer regarding my back.  Even then, I still didn’t realize how much God is into details.


During the time that I was afflicted in my back, God was still watching other details.  He saw what was going on with Elaine’s granddaughter, and He knew Elaine was feeling torn between desperately wanting to be at the hospital, yet having a commitment to be teaching at church.  At the same time, He knew that unless He touched my back, I wasn’t going to be at church on Wednesday.  


As I began to teach the class, I quickly discovered that one of the key scriptures in our study was Philippians 2:3.  I had just studied that very scripture in depth earlier that morning as I was preparing a lesson for my Sunday school class.  Because of a God who is into details, I was able to share a few of my own insights on that verse, as well as sharing what Elaine had in her notes.


In Matthew 10:19, we see where Jesus tells His disciples not to worry about what to say because the Holy Spirit will be speaking through them.  Our God, who is into details, allowed His Spirit to speak through me, even though I’d missed several sessions during this particular study.  He has promised not to let His Word return void.  (Is. 55:11) All of the countless hours that I had been diligent to pour His Word into my spirit had prepared me for a night such as this one.  Even though I may not have been in attendance for nearly half of the classes, God had prepared me in advance for being a servant, ready in season and out of season.  All of the work I’d put into studying, learning, applying, and obeying the Word allowed the Holy Spirit to move in and speak through me because I was already yielded.  The fruit of what I’d planted the last few years was ripe and ready at a moment’s notice.  Yes, I do believe that God is into details.


Maybe you won’t ever be put in a situation to teach at a moment’s notice, but maybe you’ll be given a moment’s notice that you need to drop your agenda and minister to a hurting friend.  Maybe you’ll receive a moment’s notice and have to immediately go to the hospital for a sick parent.  Maybe you’ll be given a moment’s notice to help in the nursery when the scheduled help doesn’t show up.  Maybe you’ll be asked to help serve in the kitchen during an after-church fellowship, and you don’t feel this is where God has necessarily gifted you.  Whatever the situation, rest easy…your God is into details, and while you may be caught off guard, God isn’t.  He’s closely watching everything that happens here on earth.

© 2004, Stacy R. Miller


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