Grave Digging, Part 2

Grave Digging, Part 2


In today’s society, you often hear the phrase ‘politically correct.’  Today I want to address some of those very ideas that are even permeating the church.  These are ideas which God would call evil.  In Prov. 17:4, we find that a wicked man listens to evil lips.  There are many evil lips which speak to us today, leading us to more grave digging.


  1. “Sex before marriage is OK.”  Or another common one we hear is, “But, we’re going to be married, so it’s all right to have sex.”  God says sex is only for those who are married.  There is no ‘but’ clause.  STD’s are rampant today because of this type of thinking.  This ‘free love’ isn’t so free after all, is it?  Many girls are growing up, only to discover that because of some ‘free love’ that has left her with a venereal disease, she is now sterile, and chances are that she will wind up having some form of uterine or cervical cancer.  Her grave digging in her promiscuous years may lead her to premature death.
  2. “A person is born with homosexuality.”  If that is true, then our God is a big, fat liar.  His Word declares that He is a just God.  Dan. 4:37.  If homosexuality is something a person is born with, then a just God isn’t going to send them to a fiery, eternal hell.  I Cor. 6:9.  Homosexuals have grave digging abilities that often lead them to commit suicide.  The suicide rate for homosexuals is MUCH higher than it is for heterosexuals.
  3. “If it feels good, do it.”  This belief is responsible for grave digging of numerous kinds.  There are those who are gluttons.  They end up with high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other health conditions.  This belief has also led to many people having addictions to drugs.  That is a grave-digging bondage that leads to crime, just to support their habit.  It then spirals to a depraved mind, leading the addicted person to kill another human being if it means helping them to find their next ‘fix.’
  4. “It’s just a blob of tissue.”  This is a lie that has led to millions upon millions of abortions taking place in America, and it was all done legally!  This lie has led many women to grave digging, causing them to die an early death, due to infections arising from having an abortion done.  Now we even have the RU-486, which has been blamed for the death of at least one young woman.
  5. “He who dies with the most toys wins.”  I have seen this phrase on bumper stickers, and it sickens me to see it.  I have never seen a hearse with a U-Haul trailer attached to the back of it.  Many people get so caught up in trying to get as many ‘toys’ as they can.  They don’t realize that they are really just digging a grave.  Their persistence in working so many hours can destroy a marriage and a family.  Their endless pursuit of material things can dig a grave where peace of mind can never exist because they are so far in debt.


We, as Christian ladies, must be careful that we aren’t digging graves by falling into the trap of becoming wicked simply by listening to evil lips.  There is a wonderful prevention for grave digging found in  Psalm 1.

  1. Don’t walk in the counsel of the wicked. (verse 1)
  2. Don’t hang out with sinners. (verse 1)
  3. Don’t sit with mockers. (verse 2) How many mockers do we find on television?  They mock God, pastors, and fathers, who are to be the head of the house.  Yet, on television, the father often gets no respect. Television often mocks any parental authority.  So many shows are full of children whose lives exist to make a mockery out of their parents.
  4. Delight in God’s law. (verse 2)
  5. Meditate on God’s law. (verse 2)

The results are found in verse 3.

  1. You’ll be like a tree planted by the water.
  2. You will yield fruit.
  3. You won’t wither.
  4. Whatever you do will prosper.


© 2003, Stacy R. Miller


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