The Extreme Makeover, Part Four (final one)

The Extreme Makeover, Part 4


At the end of the “Extreme Makeover” show, they have the person make a grand entrance to be reunited with family and friends.  There are often happy tears shed as they behold this stunning beauty who has entered the room.  She appears to be so happy.  I have to wonder though: How long does this happiness last?


Proverbs 31:30 tells us that beauty is fleeting.  When one has a makeover done in the physical realm, the beauty and glamour of it all will quickly fade.  However, when God gives us a ‘makeover,’ it results in a transformation that will result in a gentle, graceful elegance, a joyful countenance (which can take years off of us!), a peaceful, contented heart, and a beauty which comes from His glory, which radiates through us. 


Are you ready to sign up for your ‘makeover’?  It won’t cost you any money, but it may cost you a whole lot of your pride.  The first step is taken by simply getting on your knees and approaching Father with a humble heart, a heart that is ready to be made over.


© 2003, Stacy R. Miller




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