The Extreme Makeover, Part Two

The Extreme Makeover, Part 2


On the show, almost every person wants to have liposuction done, removing that unwanted flesh.  Do we have flesh that God would like to remove from us?  Paul describes the battle with unwanted flesh so clearly in Rom. 7:15-25.  He tells us in Rom. 8:5-16 that when our flesh is in control, we have our minds upon what our flesh desires, and the end result is death.


After a person has liposuction done, they will go through intensive body building to sculpt their body.  God desires for us to do some ‘body building’ also.  He wants us to carry one another’s burdens.  (Gal. 6:2) We are to encourage one another.  (Heb. 10:25) He wants us to speak kind words to each other. (Pr. 12:25) We are also to be devoted to one another.  (Rom. 12:10)


After the body has been sculpted to satisfaction, they take the person out for a wardrobe makeover.  For the women, they always manage to pick out items that show cleavage.  While there is nothing wrong with dressing nicely, and in a way which pleases our husband, we don’t need to be letting anyone else see our cleavage.  That is for his eyes only!  Our dresses shouldn’t be so short that when we sit down, others can see our panties, nor should they be so short that our thighs are showing when we cross our legs.  Again, that is for your husband’s eyes only! 


One of the major differences between men and women is that men are turned on by sight.  If we, as Christian women, are wearing clothing that shows cleavage, or makes us look voluptuous, we are becoming a stumbling block to other men.  I Cor. 8:9 tells us not to let our freedom become a stumbling block to others.  Paul even said that if eating meat was a stumbling block to someone that he wouldn’t eat it.  Although he had the freedom to eat it, the law of love said that he should give up that freedom, so as to not cause another person to stumble.  In Rom. 14, he reminds us that none of us lives to (her)self alone. (verse 7) He also admonishes us to make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification. (verse 19) If we are dressing in an immodest way, we aren’t making the effort to live in peace and mutual edification because we are causing the thoughts of other men to be lustful.



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