The Extreme Makeover, Part One

The Extreme Makeover


One night, out of sheer boredom, I started watching the “Extreme Makeover” show.  People come on the show to have radical changes made to the features on their body which they don’t like.  Nose jobs, plastic surgery, enhancing the lips, breast implants, and liposuction seem to be quite popular choices.  It occurred to me that we, as Christians, can also be in need of a ‘makeover’ in a spiritual sense.


How many of us could use a nose job because we tend to stick our noses into other people’s business?  II Th. 3:11 refers to this as being a busybody.  Titus 2:5 gives us clear instruction to be busy at home, leaving the inference that while we are to be busy, we are not to be busy bodies.


Do our lips need enhanced?  We are admonished in II Th. 4:12 to live a quiet life, minding our own business.  Having a lip job done may require that we walk away from certain conversations.  If we stay there listening, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of wanting to add own opinions and judgments.  When we choose to walk away from that conversation, we end up carrying our integrity with us, rather than carrying guilt over having loose lips.


In Col. 3:8, it is clear that we aren’t to be using our lips for filthy language.  James 1:26 gives us a more sobering message, stating that if we are unable to keep a tight rein on our lips, our religion is worthless.  However, Prov. 13:13 tells us that if we guard our lips, we guard our life. 


When God does a lip job on us, His desire is for us to have words that are like choice silver.  (Pr. 25:11) He desires that we declare His praises through our lips, and to keep our lips from sinning.  (Ps. 34:1, 39:1, 119:71)


We’ve looked at what flows out of our lips, but what about that which comes into our lips?  In the church, it appears that gluttony is the acceptable sin.  So many of us who call ourselves Christians are either obese, or overweight to some degree.  We are bound by food addictions, which start a vicious cycle, leading us to be bound to physical ailments all because we have a lack of restraint where food is concerned.


In continuing our ‘lip enhancement,’ God wants us to find that His words are sweet to our taste. (Ps. 119:103)  In Jer. 15:16, we find that when God’s Word came, he ate them.  Do we take time daily to ‘eat’ of God’s Word?  Many times, we wouldn’t dream of skipping a meal or our afternoon snack, yet we don’t hesitate to neglect our spiritual food!


One of the most popular procedures on “Extreme Makeover” is to have  breast implants done.  While God doesn’t do ‘boob jobs,’ He can do a circumcision on our heart, which is in that same vicinity.  (Rom. 2:29) 


We may find ourselves speaking things that are sinful.  The root cause is from a sinful heart.  (Mt. 12:34)  Prov. 27:19 tells us that just like water reflects a face, a (wo)man’s heart reflects the (wo)man.  We find that where our heart is, our treasure lies.  (Mt. 6:21) Do we need to find different treasures?  Do we need to lay hold of treasures that moth and rust won’t corrupt?


Jer. 17:9 tells us that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, but God is able to give us a new heart.  (Ez. 36:26)  He can help us to have a pure, undivided heart.  (Ps. 51:10, 86:11)



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