Dynamite has been used in very positive ways. It has opened paths in mountains to make roads on which we can travel. It has also been used in the mining business. Old buildings have been brought down so that progress can take place in that location.


On the other hand, dynamite can be used in a very negative way. Many stories have been told of bridges being blown up, as well as railroads and buildings. In these situations, the people behind these atrocious acts are bitter and angry, out to seek revenge.


One use of dynamite brings very positive results; the other leads to destruction and devastation.


Computers can be like dynamite in a spiritual sense. One person can use the computer to help further their education. Another person might use it to start an online ministry. Both of these uses are done in a positive manner.

Yet, someone else becomes addicted to online pornography or online gambling. Another person may connect emotionally with a stranger on the Internet, leaving behind a devastated spouse and children to pursue a sordid relationship.


It is amazing how something with so much potential to make life easier and more productive seems to be at the root of so many problems!


Paul said that everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. (First Corinthians 6:12) I think we would be wise to evaluate our own computer usage. Is it helping us to be keepers at home? Is it helping us to be more productive in our work? Is it fueling our passion for the Lord? Is it spurring us on toward love and good deeds? (Hebrews 10:24) If not, perhaps our computer has become like dynamite in its most destructive form.


© 2008, Stacy R. Miller


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