Drained and Scarred

Drained and Scarred


Several years ago, I began to donate plasma. I wish I could say that I did it to save lives, for that sounds so noble. In all honesty, I did it for the money.


After donating twice a week for over a year, there was a period of time where they were having trouble with my veins. This resulted in being deferred from donating for thirty days so that my arms could have a chance to heal.


About two weeks later, I realized that I felt so much better! I had much more energy. In fact, I felt like a new person! It dawned on me that donating plasma twice a week had subtly drained my energy level. After discovering that donating had led me to feel like the “walking-dead,” I decided that the money just was not worth the price I was physically paying. After all, you cannot put a price on your life!


This experience got me to wondering how many times we allow ourselves to get involved in things which subtly zap us of energy. We may be involved in activities that drain us instead of refreshing us. These are often things which have become a drudgery instead of a delight. Perhaps we have been involved in an area where God is telling us we need to step down, yet we have failed to yield to that call.


There may be things that take a lot of our time. Time is a precious resource we need to guard wisely. It is a good idea to evaluate how we are spending our time. I recently had to do this in regard to an activity I was coordinating and leading. After weighing the pros and cons, it was clear that I needed to stop down. Though this endeavor was a good one, it was requiring a lot of my time with very little results.


It has been a few years since I have donated plasma, yet I still have scars on both arms from where they inserted those large needles. It is the same with us in a spiritual sense. We can end up scarred when we keep giving of ourselves in areas where we have not been called. When we fail to discern the Lord telling us it is time to leave a certain place of ministry, we can end up with huge spiritual scars because we have failed to obey Him.


For instance, maybe you feel called to help in the nursery. After a few years, you have a baby. It could be time to give up that “calling” for a season. Later, when the baby is older, the Lord may draw you back to that place of ministry.


Spiritual scars can also develop through words spoken to us. When we choose to harbor bitterness, rather than taking it to the Lord, we can end up scarred.


We may neglect to spend time with the Lord, discerning His will for our lives. This not only can lead to more scars on us, but it can also cause us to scar others.


Do you need to reevaluate your daily commitments? Are there any activities that drain your energy, your resources, and your time? Are there things in your life that are causing spiritual scars?


© 2007, Stacy R. Miller



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