Do You Need Help?

Do You Need Help?


From heaven the Lord looks down and sees us all; He watches all of us.  No king is saved by the size of his army, nor does a warrior conquer by his own strength.  A horse is a vain hope for their deliverance.  Even in its great strength, it can’t save.  (Ps. 33:13-14, 16-17)


As moms, I would imagine that most of us are quick to rise each morning, ready to start tackling the day’s assignments.  If we’re not careful, we can be like the one who rides on a horse, confidently trusting in the strength and ability of the horse.  We begin to trust in our own abilities and in our own strength.  We forget that God is watching us as we scurry along, confident in our ability to get things done.  I can picture Him being saddened when we fail to acknowledge that we need His help.


Sometimes we can attack our housework with a vengeance, much like an army goes after their adversary.  While it’s good for us to do our work vigorously (Pr. 31:17), when we fail to invite God to help us, we may switch from attacking the house with a vengeance to attacking others with a vengeance because they have interrupted our cleaning schedule.  We may find that our positive attitude has turned sour, leading us to stinking thinking.  Instead of cleaning as unto the Lord, we may be doing it with an angry, resentful attitude.


In trying to homeschool, work on my Internet ministry, and recently launching a home-based business, I have found that I am getting stressed very easily.  My fuse has always been a short one, but lately, it’s gotten worse.  The tiniest offense can set my temper aflame.  As I took time to ponder on what has been happening, I realized that I’m not spending as much time in the Word.  While I resent missing those times with the Lord, I have to admit that it’s not my circumstances that have caused me to miss out on devotions.  It’s my wrong choices, and that has led to being at an emotional low point for several days.  As I read the above scripture, it made me realize that I have been trusting in my own strength to get things done.  Instead of following God’s leading, and asking for His help, I have allowed my priorities to quickly get out of order.


When we put our hope in God and rely on His help, here is what happens:

Ps. 33:18  His eyes are on us.

         :19  He delivers us and keeps us alive in famine.  If we look to Him on busy days, even if we don’t spend much time in the Word, He can still keep us from a spiritual famine because we are still acknowledging Him in all our ways.

         :20  As we hope in Him, He is our help and our shield.

         :21  Our hearts will rejoice because we are trusting in His holy name.

© 2003, Stacy R Miller


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