Do You Have a Hangover?

Do You Have a Hangover?


When things are not going our way, we can easily fall into the trap of having a pity party, throwing a temper tantrum, causing emotional damage in someone through the harsh words we’ve spoken, or even by letting the reins loose on our tongue where we find ourselves cussing and swearing.  These very things can come back to haunt us, leaving us with a ‘hangover’ of a spiritual kind. 


We try to sleep, and yet our minds are repeatedly play back those sinful acts.  We wake up feeling bogged down, heavy-hearted, and zapped of any spiritual zeal.  (Rom. 12:11) We try to read the Word, and we feel condemnation from the enemy.  He makes us feel that we are being hypocritical by trying to read the Word, after having been rather ungodly in our behavior.  Sadly, he often succeeds in his plan.  We find ourselves just setting aside our Bible, and trying to make it through the day in our own strength.  Very soon, we find ourselves falling into the same old trap, and we try to fight our way out of it in our own strength, all to no avail.


We must be especially careful of our words when we are under pressure.  If we aren’t careful, our words may invalidate the prayers which we have prayed.  We must stay in agreement with the Word of God, and hold fast to our confession of faith.  Heb. 10:23  Now, this doesn’t mean that we ‘stick our head in the sand,’ and ignore our circumstances.  It does mean that we stay positive in the midst of those circumstances.  We need to remind ourselves that God works ALL things together for our good.  Rom. 8:28


Another reason why we must be careful of our words is because we can open a doorway for the enemy to snare us.  For example, I have been having a lot of back trouble at the time of this writing.  It’s been not only painful, but frustrating.  The leaves need to be raked, and winter is coming sooner than I care to admit.  If I focus on what needs to be done, and on how much pain I am in, I am going to fall into despair.  The despair could lead me to cry out, “I’m NEVER going to get any better!”  If I utter those words, I’ve just ensnared myself.  Doesn’t God’s Word say that He can do anything?  Haven’t I seen Him touch my back many times in years past, where I have been able to go well over a year without even needing to visit the chiropractor?  YES!  So, I must be careful with my words, or I may find that I am stuck in the midst of back trouble longer than necessary.  If I start discounting the truth of God’s Word, I open a doorway for Satan to come in, leaving me with an awful ‘hangover.’ 


When facing difficult or trying circumstances, we may find that we need to talk with a friend.  While there is nothing wrong with doing so, we must be careful not to wear out our welcome.  (Prov. 25:17) A friend can often bring insight to us because they are able to look objectively at the situation, sharpening us as iron sharpens iron.  (Prov. 27:17)


Also, when we talk too much about our problem, the problem becomes magnified in our minds, leaving us again with a spiritual ‘hangover.’  If we magnify anything in our lives, we must magnify the Lord God.  Ps. 30:1 says to exalt the Lord who has lifted you out of the depths.  When I ponder the ‘depths’ from which He has lifted me, it’s not hard to begin magnifying His Name.  Ps. 34:1-2 tells us to extol the Lord at all times.  (That doesn’t mean that we thank Him for every trying circumstance we face.  It means to find something for which you can begin to bless and praise His Name while in the midst of that circumstance.)  His praise should always be on our lips.  Our soul should boast in the Lord Almighty.  Verse 5 tells us that those who look to God are radiant.


A good cure for a spiritual hangover is found in Ps. 34:12-14.

1.  Don’t let your lips speak lies.

2.  Turn away from evil.

3.  Do good.

4.  Pursue peace.


So, do you have a hangover?  Don’t grab coffee to try and cure it.  Go grab your Bible!

© 2003, Stacy R. Miller



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