Do You Adore or Stand Afar?


Do You Adore or Stand Afar?


Think back to when your children were at the infant to toddler stage.  Can you remember certain times when they would look at you with those innocent little faces, and there was such adoration there – adoration of you?

Or what about the times when they are playing with Daddy, and there is a look of such utter joy and sheer satisfaction on their little faces?


When you think about how your child would look at you, and then how they would look at utter strangers, there is a sharp contrast.  There is no adoration there for strangers.  They knew that you were special – you were the one who would cuddle them when they were sick or hurt, you were the one who would feed them, change them, play with them, and meet their needs.


Our Father desires for us (His children) to look at Him with that same innocence and adoration.  He wants us to know Him so well, that we don’t look at Him like He is some stranger, but the One who loves us, cares for us, and desires to meet our every need.


Let’s look at some different scriptures, and see how people responded to Jesus.  In John 8:49, they said that Jesus was a Samaritan (that was an insult to the people of that day), and they said that He was demon-possessed.  They repeated it in v. 52.  John 7:5 says that his own brothers didn’t believe in Him.  In Luke 4:29, people wanted to throw Him off a cliff.  In John 7:12, it says that the people believed that Jesus deceived others.  Then there was the real slam against Him – a slam by one of His disciples – the famous Judas kiss of betrayal.


Now there were a few examples of people who adored Jesus.  There was the sinful woman who anointed Jesus with costly perfume.  (Mk. 14:3, and Lu. 7:36-38)  There was also John, who reclined next to Jesus, then leaned back against Him.  (John 13:23-25)  There just aren’t very many stories of those who took the time to adore the Master.


What did the children do?  They were brought to Jesus so that Jesus could bless them.  They even allowed Jesus to take them in His arms.  (Mk. 10:13-16)  I always pictured them thoroughly enjoying being in the presence of Jesus, just having the time of their lives.  In other words, adoring every moment spent with Him.


Then, in Mt. 21:15, the children were crying out “Hosanna to the Son of David!”  But just 6 chapters later, what are the adults doing?  They are yelling “crucify Him.”


The children weren’t afraid to be in the Master’s arms, yet the adults would stand afar and criticize Him, call Him names, and make accusations against Him.  They were skeptical of Him, to say the least.


The Lord wants us to have that heart of praise and adoration for Him.  He wants us to grasp what He desires to show us.  He doesn’t want us to stand afar, being skeptical of everything which He allows in our lives.  He wants our faces to light up when we are in His presence, or when we even think about Him.


Picture this:

God says, “Look!  See my child!  She finally got the revelation I’ve been trying to show her!”

“Did you see that?  She chose to give my grace to that person, even when the other person just made some cutting remarks to her!”

“Oh!  She’s getting the picture of how gentle words can do so much better than harsh words!”

“I’ve been waiting on this – she has the evening to herself, and instead of calling her girlfriend to catch up on the latest news, she is choosing to spend it with Me!”


Just as He desires for us to adore Him, be assured that He adores you so much more than you can ever fathom.


Father, help us not to stand afar, trying to figure out things which come into our lives, but help us to desire to take the time to be in Your presence.  Help us not to look to You like You are a stranger, but to look at You with the same look of adoration as our children have for us.  No wonder You said that we must come to You as little children.  Help us to humble ourselves to be the “little children” that You desire us to be.  Amen.


© 2003, Stacy R Miller



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