Proverbs 31:23

Proverbs 31:23

AMP: Her husband is known in the city’s gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.

CEV: Her husband is a well-known and respected leader in the city.

MSG: Her husband is greatly respected when he deliberates with the city fathers.

Proverbs 12:4 tells us that a virtuous wife is a crowning joy to her husband.  A king who wears his crown is easy to spot because he stands out in a crowd due to the brilliance of the jewels in his crown.  So it is with a man who has a virtuous wife.  That is why he makes her a focal point in his life.  He lifts her as one lifts a crown to put it on.  Why does he do this?  She does him good (v. 12) and he can fully trust her (v. 11).  She’s not spiteful or a nag (v. 12).  She enriches the lives of her loved ones by being mindful of their needs. (v. 14-15)  She’s able to think for herself, not seeing submission to her husband as being a doormat. (v. 16) 

Another reason she is a focal point in his life is because she doesn’t live by her emotions, falling apart the instant he walks in the door because of how hard her day has been. (v. 16) She also uses the mind God has given her to benefit her family, therefore, doing him good once again (v. 12).  He is also touched by her compassion for other people. (v. 20)

In spite of how busy she has been during the day, she still has time and energy for her husband at the end of the day.  (v. 18) She makes home a refuge for him. (v. 22) She keeps his clothes washed, dried, ironed, and helps him to look neat. (v. 21)

She blesses her husband because she is also a great conversationalist; however, she knows when he needs silence. (v. 26) The message Bible says in verse 27 that she keeps her eye on everyone in the household.  I would venture to say that this woman flirts with her husband while she is keeping her eye on him.

Do you need to do some flirting?

© 2004, Stacy R. Miller


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