Proverbs 31:17

Proverbs 31:17

AMP: She girds herself with strength (spiritual, mental and physical fitness for her God-given task), and makes her arms strong and firm.

CEV: And she always works hard.

MSG: First thing in the morning, she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.

Notice that in the Amplified version, the first kind of fitness listed is spiritual.  That should be our number one priority.  I cannot stress enough the blessing of rising early to meet with the Lord.  I started this habit over a year ago, and I treasure it immensely.  As I have been faithful in doing this, I actually heard the Lord call me by name one morning.  I’ve heard Him say ‘Daughter,’ or ‘Child,’ but this time, He spoke my name!  It thrilled my heart when the Lover of my soul woke me up, calling me by name!

Mental fitness is listed second, giving it a great deal of importance.  It helps me to mentally think about the week before me, so that I’m not so prone to being caught off guard by something.  Every evening I think upon the next day, and begin to get things set out at night.  It makes it so much easier the next day when I need those items.

I don’t even want to address the area of physical fitness because I lack so terribly bad in this area, but the Amplified version does mention it, so it must be rather important.  My favorite exercise, if you can call it that, is simply cleaning the house.  I HATE to exercise, yet during the summer months when Rachel and I would go bike riding, it would always rejuvenate me.  One particular time it was a bit too much invigoration for me because we were being chased by a vicious dog!  Being that I was once attacked by a pit bull, I don’t care for that kind of invigoration!

I have read many times how important it is to a woman’s frame of mind to exercise.  It helps to curb depression, it’s good for you mentally, it will help with PMS, and a myriad of other benefits.  It may also be another way of ‘doing your husband good.’  He may like the results he sees if you take the time to get physically fit.

This verse mentions working hard and being eager to work.  I often find that if I put on some praise music, I will be much more energetic while I am cleaning.  Another thing which motivates me is to remember  the verse that admonishes me to do everything as unto the Lord.  I know that when I clean my house and do all of my tasks joyfully, it’s the same as if I did them for my Lord.

© 2004, Stacy R. Miller

** I wrote this nine years ago.  Until 2009, when I entered the workforce, I was quite the couch potato.  That mentality stayed with me when I would come home in the evenings, especially once I started working in the ER, where I could easily walk four miles in one shift.

Three years ago, my parents bought my daughter a Wii.  I started playing around with it, and soon noticed that my pants were getting loose.  It inspired me to give up being a couch potato and get fit.  I got more motivated as I continued to see positive results from just “playing around” with the Wii.  I eventually bought more workout routines for the Wii, and once I saw that I could handle more, I purchased Turbo Jam, Rockin’ Body, and a few other Shaun T workouts.  I was dropping a size about every 6 weeks.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  And my hubby was loving the new me!  Not only did it help me look better, but I no longer complained about my back hurting!  I built up muscle mass that I have NEVER had, and that made my body stronger and healthier.  (And I just turned 50!)

Now if I don’t get my usual workout time, I start to feel really icky.  Working out helps me physically and emotionally.  If I come home feeling really stressed, I will do a cardio workout.  It does wonders!!!  Once finished, I am rejuvenated and in a much better mood, which helps me to focus on the tasks that need to be done.  Plus, it helps me not to fall into that ugly trap of being a nag, and hubby loves that!

One final thing I want to mention in the benefits of getting fit is that doing so revived our s*x life.  When I was overweight and had no muscle mass, I had zero interest.  Now hubby and I are like newlyweds.  Just ask my daughter — she gets totally grossed out by our constant flirting and touching.

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