The Convenient Zone

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The Convenient Zone

A lady taught me that in American Sign Language, the sign for “comfort” is the same sign used for the word “convenient.”  We often hear people talk about stepping out of their comfort zone, but I want to take a look at stepping out of our “convenient” zone.

Ministry to others will often take us out of our convenient zone.  Jesus gives us several examples.  One day, Jairus was hurriedly taking Jesus to his home to minister to his daughter who was dying.  On the way, a woman with an issue of blood approached Jesus and touched Him.  In the eyes of Jairus, this was not a convenient time for Jesus to stop and talk to anyone.  After all, his daughter was dying!  Yet Jesus took the time to minister to this woman, letting her know that she was made whole.  Jesus was never concerned with what was convenient.  He was concerned with doing what was right. (Luke 8:40-48)

Many times when Jesus would try to enjoy fellowship with His friends, the people would seek Him.  Even though He was trying to relax, He would set aside convenience in order to heal the sick. (Matthew 8:14-17)

While trying to sleep one night, His disciples woke Him, terrified that they were going to drown.  In spite of the inconvenience, Jesus got up and rebuked the winds and waves. (Matthew 8:23-27)

When He arrived in the region of the Gadarenes, Jesus was approached by two demon-possessed men who were very violent.  There is never a convenient time to have to deal with people who have gone mad, yet Jesus took time for them. (Matthew 8:28-34)

When Jesus went to heal a paralytic, He faced persecution from the religious leaders. (Matthew 9:1-8) Having faced much persecution from people, even in the body of Christ, I can attest that there is never a convenient time to deal with these kinds of issues.

How many times have you tried to withdraw to a solitary place, only to have someone call for you?  Jesus knows how that is. (Matthew 14:13-14) In spite of the need to pull away, Jesus set aside convenience once again, in order to bring healing to the people.

We will have many opportunities to minister to others.  Often, it will not be at the most convenient time.  Yet, if we choose to be compassionate like Jesus, we may find that God uses us to bring healing to them.  We just need to get out of our “convenient” zone.

© 2007, Stacy R. Miller


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