Cleansing the Temple

Cleansing the Temple

I love the story where Jesus cleansed the temple.  It reminds me that even the God who created the universe was humble enough to ‘clean house.’  (Mt. 21:12-13)

We also find in Proverbs 31 that the virtuous woman not only cleaned her physical house, managing it well, but she also invested time into taking care of her spiritual temple, nurturing it. 

The New Testament makes it clear that we are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. (I Cor. 3:16, 6:19; II Cor. 6:16) Jesus expects us to take care of our temple, keeping it clean in body, mind, and spirit.  Eph. 3:17 mentions Christ dwelling in our hearts.  This refers to having Him settle down and feel at home within us.  Pondering on your own temple, do you think that He feels at home within you?  Do you need to do some ‘temple cleaning?’

Just as Mary called herself a handmaiden of the Lord, doing her very best to nurture and care for the Christ child, whom she held in her arms, we must nurture and care for the Christ who lives within us. 

I have read many articles on how infants will wither and die without physical touch and nurturing.  This is true in a spiritual sense — failing to nurture the life of Christ within us will cause that life to wither and die.

Have you done any nurturing lately?

© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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  1. Don
    Feb 06, 2014 @ 09:57:11

    Thanks for showing the application, of cleansing the temple in Jerusalem, to our present situation.


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