Change of Plans

Jeremiah 29:11

Change of Plans

Have you ever gotten heavily involved in a ministry, only to find that God pulls you away from it?  You may feel disillusioned, disappointed, confused, or even angry.  You may end up asking, “Why?”

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God knows the plans He has for us.  Notice the word “plans” is plural.  God does not have just one plan for us, but several.

One way to look at it is to view our life in chapters.  Some chapters are long and some are short.  When God pulls us from one ministry, He is simply closing that chapter of our life.  He is moving us on to the next another chapter.

When you read a mystery, the author will usually end each chapter on a suspenseful note, working to keep your interest.  Excitedly, you move on to the next chapter to see what happens.

When God closes one chapter in your life, don’t grow disillusioned, confused, or angry.  Instead, look forward with excitement to see what plans He has for you in this new chapter of your life.

© 2005, Stacy R. Miller


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  1. Arlene Harper
    Dec 27, 2013 @ 17:24:54

    Good one. But wonder what my plan is except taking care of Bob.

    Sent from my iPad


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