Change of Curriculum

Change of Curriculum


God has a curriculum for us to follow in Deuteronomy 6:6-9.  He tells us to talk of His commands when we are at home.  That could easily be done while we are eating our evening meal except that it’s a rare occurrence for the family to eat together these days.


We are to talk about God’s Word when we walk along the road.  In today’s society, we could still do this while we are driving the car.  The only problem is that we rarely turn off the radio.


We are to talk about God’s precepts when we lie down.  We could do that, but after we hurriedly put the kids in bed with a goodnight kiss, we still have laundry and dishes to finish before we can even go to bed.


We are to be talking about God’s ways when we get up in the morning.  Yet, in today’s society, we are so rushed to get out the door that we miss out on this opportunity to impress God’s Word on the hearts of our children.


When our children walk into the room, do they observe us looking at our daily planner more than they observe us delving into the Word of God?  Do they see us opting to read the newspaper rather than God’s Word?  Do they see us relaxing by reading romance novels instead of our Bible?


Do we need to change the curriculum in our home?


© 2005, Stacy R. Miller


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