Caffeinated Christianity

Caffeinated Christianity

I often hear people talk of needing their morning coffee because they need a boost of caffeine.  I used to do the same thing, only my ‘fix’ was iced tea.  It would give me a boost, but only a short-lived one.  By afternoon I’d be physically drained, feeling an intense longing for an afternoon nap.

Iced tea, popular throughout the U.S.

Iced tea, popular throughout the U.S. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I changed my habits, and began substituting lots of water for the caffeine, I noticed an incredible thing.  My stamina was a lot higher in the afternoon.  What made the difference?

When I drank iced tea, I would drink only enough to give me a bit of a boost.  The caffeine in it would dehydrate my body, and that made me very sleepy.  When I began to drink water, I’d drink one glass after another, and I’d continue that cycle all day.  Since I was constantly pouring in refreshment to my body, my body actually began to function better.

We do the same thing in our Christian walk.  We view church as our caffeine, or our ‘fix.’  We go in on Sundays, getting our spiritual tank filled up through praise and worship and hearing the Word preached.  When we leave, we have a ‘spiritually caffeinated’ tank.  We feel spiritually invigorated.  Yet when Monday starts, we think we can live on those feelings until the following Sunday.  In reality, our tank runs out of the caffeine high very quick if we fail to spend time in the Word and prayer.

Can you imagine going a full week without eating any food?  Yet, how many times do we neglect the meat of the Word during the week?  Can you imagine going a full day with nothing to drink?  We’ve all done it when we fail to pick up the living water of the Word.

When we have a caffeinated Christian mindset, we will become double-minded and unstable. We will be more apt to try and carry our burdens all by ourselves instead of taking the yoke that Jesus offers us.  We will trade peace for worry, kindness for grouchiness, patience for impatience, joy for a heavy heart, contentment for discontentment, and end up walking carnally-minded as opposed to being spiritually-minded.

When we are faithful to spend time with God every day, when Sunday comes, we will be able to attend church, feeling full of living water, ready to pour it out on all who come our way.

Are you a caffeinated Christian?

© 2005, Stacy R. Miller


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