What Kind of a Man a Woman Want

This is a very insightful and powerful post!

The Lily-White Princess

God made me realized that we, women, sometimes fall into the trap of molding the men in our lives into the image that we want them to be for the sake of our comfort and needs. God made men to be so much more. I believe that God made our men strong and able. However, nowadays most our men do not see that the word of God is active and burning within them. Our words as women have a power to encourage them to become a godly man. Women, we are their partners. Believe that they can become something more. It is not having faith in a man, but in what our mighty, amazing, triumphant God can do in and through a man. Let our words bring life and encouragement, not sarcasm and disdain. And together, we testify of the Father’s great love for the lost. No one is perfect…

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