Beauty and Her Beast


Beauty and Her Beast

Are you married to an unbeliever? Are you married to a man who is harsh and rough around the edges? Do you sometimes feel hopelessly trapped in your situation?

Psalm 57:4 mentions living in the midst of lions and ravenous beasts with teeth like arrows and tongues like swords. Many of you who are living with an unbelieving spouse know this kind of conflict all too well. You are spiritually alive, while he remains spiritually dead. Because of this, he isn’t able to understand many of the choices which you make. Nor can he understand why you choose to act so differently. Because of that, he may turn on you, speaking words that pierce your heart like arrows. He may be ravenous with his tongue, hungry to strike at you, cutting you in those places where it hurts the most.

God’s Word has some encouragement for you. In Ps. 57:1, while in the midst of being pursued by Saul, David still found his refuge in the Lord. He would hide in the shadow of God’s wings. In the next verse, he cries out to God, knowing that God would fulfill His purpose in David’s life. Be encouraged! God will fulfill YOUR purpose, as well! In verse 4, David says that God sends His love and faithfulness. He will send His love and faithfulness to you also. In verse 11, David begins to extol the Lord, even in the midst of great trial.

It is so important to be faithful in prayer. Through those times of communion with the Lord, He can help you find the strength to endure even the harshness of bitter and unkind words. He can help change you to be a woman of quiet confidence. He can give you a spiritual grace and elegance, leading you to be a woman of a gentle and quiet spirit, which of great worth in the sight of God. (I Pet. 3)

II Chron. 16:9 says that the eyes of Lord roam the earth, just looking for those whose hearts are committed to Him because He wants to strengthen them.
You may feel that you are so alone. You may not feel God’s presence. We mustn’t fall into the trap of believing our emotions because they will fail us constantly, but God remains ever faithful. Job couldn’t feel God or see God in the midst of his trials, but he boldly declared in Job 23:10 “But He knows the way that I take.” (NIV) Even when your emotions are fickle, know that God does see you. He knows the way that you take. You haven’t been out of His sight for one second.

In the midst of those trying times of living with an unbeliever, or even in just the everyday trials of life, remember that God is a refuge for the oppressed. He is a stronghold in your times of trouble. (Ps. 9:9) In the next verse, it says that God NEVER forsakes those who seek Him.

When you have fears assail you, hide under the shadow of the Almighty. Let Him alone be your Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer. When you do that, you will find that at nighttime, you can lie down and sleep. In the morning, you will awaken because Father sustains you, even in your sleep. (Ps. 3:5)

As you learn to apply the principals of God’s Word, you will learn to answer your unbelieving husband with loving, gentle, and godly responses, in spite of how brutally he may talk to you. He may very well become intrigued with the new you. Above all, KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM, as well as praying for yourself. You may see the raging beast turn into a wonderful king of his castle, while you have already been functioning in the role of the elegant, graceful queen.
© 2004, Stacy R Miller


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